How To Keep Your Confidence When You Are Losing Your Hair

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Hair loss in men is widespread, and it can strike at any age. It is primarily down to genetics; however, often, your lifestyle can play a massive part in whether you suffer hair loss. Losing your hair can affect a person’s confidence and, in some cases, can give them a completely new sense of identity.

It is not easy to prevent hair loss, and even though there are preventative medications available, it can still knock your confidence and leave you feeling vulnerable. In this guide, Abbas Kanani, Pharmacist and lead medical adviser for Chemist Click, shares his advice for keeping your confidence when suffering from hair loss.

Find a style that suits you
Often, when a man starts to lose their hair, they may panic and rather than deal with it by visiting the barber regularly to help keep their hair neat, they may just leave it, thinking that not getting it cut or styled will help regrowth. If you are suffering from hair loss, often the best thing to do is to get it cut regularly or styled so that it is not so obvious.

Many men may get parts of the hair shaved down or cut; this can help to keep hair appearing thick even if that is not the case. Finding a barber you trust and seeing him regularly will help to keep your new style neat and will help to boost your confidence even through hair loss.

Try therapy
Hair loss can greatly affect a person’s confidence and mental health, so if you are feeling low about what is happening, you may want to try talk therapy, which can help you accept what is happening and embrace the change. Often some men may also find it hard to confide in loved ones; if this is the case, a therapist may be a good option if you feel you are not ready to share your thoughts with those close to you. However that being said, people will find out eventually, so you should try and learn to talk about it.

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Put things in perspective
Putting things in perspective when suffering from hair loss can help you to understand that even though what you are going through is a huge change, chances are so many men in your life have also experienced it or are going through it. Male hair loss is very common, and this is also wise to remember.

You should also try and think that although this is happening, there are many hair growth supplements and products you can try to help keep hair thick. Ultimately it is not compromising your health; it is an external illness that won’t cause you any harm but may just take some time to process.

Talk about it with family and friends
Talking about what is happening to family and friends is crucial in accepting that you are suffering from hair loss. Often, once a person talks to someone, and it is out in the open, they can deal with it much better and will be able to embrace what is happening rather than hiding inside.

Confide in your other half, and speak to family and friends; the chances are other men in your friendship group or family will have gone through it or are going through it, so you are not alone, and talking can really help.

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Try and embrace it
Easier said than done, I know. However, embracing what is happening is the best way to accept it and move on. Life is too short to worry about issues you cannot change, so learning and leaning into hair loss is your best bet to accept it. Speak to your GP or a health professional, or join a support group which will be able to offer advice for gaining confidence and acceptance with your new look.

Opt for hair loss treatments
Hair loss treatments are available and may help to slow down the hair loss process and allow you more time to accept what is happening. Finasteride Tablets are a hair loss treatment for men, stimulating hair growth and reducing hair loss. Finasteride is clinically proven to treat male pattern baldness in 90% of men.

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