Connetix Tiles’ Educational Toy Sets that’ll Grow with Your Children

Connetix Tiles' Educational Toy Sets that'll Grow with Your Children

It is often said that children don’t use their imaginations as much as they used to, and it’s hard to argue against. Fortunately, companies such as Connetix Tiles recognise this and have developed toy systems that help to further children’s creative sides and encourage them to use their ingenuity.

Connetix Tiles is an Australian company created by two families passionate about child development. Using coloured magnetic tiles, shapes and other materials in sets, children can follow the instructions to build various creations, from buses to palaces.

In an age where everything is digital and electronic, young children are given tablets, smartphones and computers to play with; but it is still so essential children of all ages get to play with toys they can handle, see and even smell. An actual toy is tactile, has a weight, is usually colourful and is an aid to learning through play.

A young boy proudly showing his creation

It is known that the earlier a child starts to play with toys, the faster their neurons develop and the brain grows, progressing their learning, cognitive thinking and motor skills. These attributes will grow with the child; the more they create, imagine and have fun with toys, the greater the chance they will use these skills in the future.

Even in these times of computer-aided design, digital 3d modelling and simulators for testing, Designers and Engineers like to construct models of their products, be this a car or a bridge. The model allows them to see how pieces go together; they walk around and feel it, much like building a toy. It aids their interpretation and the process of reaching the result.

A company that produces creative sets for children to get their hands on is Connetix Tiles. The was officially launched in June 2019 by two families who met when their children started primary school.

After seeing their children playing with magnetic tiles and learning while doing so, the two families decided to create a strong and safe version while offering clearer refractions than the current tiles on the market. The founders come from appropriate backgrounds to assist with creating a toy made for children.

Brea is a primary school, Master’s qualified early-childhood teacher and mother to three young children. She has a passion for learning through play and a love of open-ended quality toys that grow with children.

Dave is a businessman with a solid financial and entrepreneurial background and spent five years working in engineering offices as a mechanical designer. He has extensive experience with manufacturing and shipping products and understands what it takes to bring a quality product to market.

A montage of three images showing children creating colourful toys using their imaginations

Connetix Tiles toys allow children and adults to play together, constructing toys and making memories. One particular set, sure to interest Dad, is the Transport pack.

The Connetix Transport Pack is a must-have for children interested in vehicles. The set has a reversible grey transport base, two clear motion bases with rubber wheels, and various magnetic tile shapes, perfect for building and creating endless vehicle designs.

A colourful truck created using the Transport set

The Connetix Transport Pack is not just about fun; it offers an opportunity to learn STEAM learning concepts, such as shapes, magnetism, and colours. Children can explore their imagination to create trains, aircraft, trucks, ambulances, forklifts and fire engines.

The Transport pack features Connetix’s unique bevel design, ensuring durability and clearer refractions. It is designed to grow with children as they develop new play and learning skills. Vehicle creations can be complemented with any of the packs from the Connetix range and expanding playtime with their range of award-winning educational toys.

Recommended for ages three and up (contains magnets and small parts), the Connetix Transport Pack is the perfect way to gear up for epic vehicle fun.

The Connetix Rainbow Transport Pack – Where and How?

The set contains fifty pieces to create many scenarios:

  • 1 x Train/Truck
  • 2 x Car Bases
  • 3 x Equilateral triangles
  • 3 x Right angle triangles
  • 2 x Isosceles triangles
  • 15 x Door pieces
  • 4 x Small square pieces
  • 2 x Window pieces
  • 18 x Rectangles
  • Idea Booklet

The Connetix 50 Piece Rainbow Transport Pack costs £69 from

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