The Coravin x Keith Haring Artist Edition Brings Art and Wine Together

The Coravin x Keith Haring Artist Edition Brings Art and Wine Together

Coravin, Inc. has collaborated with The Keith Haring Foundation to create the Coravin x Keith Haring Artist Edition. It is a single production run of its highly-regarded luxury wine by the glass system, Coravin Timeless Six+, which is adorned with the iconic artist’s signature black and white art.

Keith Haring was an iconic American pop artist whose distinctive style is probably more recognisable to the masses than his name. Although his time with us was short, his art which contained shapes outlined in black, sometimes filled with bright colours on a white background, has garnered a massive following since his passing.

Haring’s unique style lends itself to an almost endless range of products, which is why the premier global wine technology company has collaborated with The Keith Haring Foundation on its wine by the glass system, Coravin Timeless Six+.

Art and wine are a natural fit, and Coravin believes they are not created for the sole benefit of the elite. Haring followed this same ethos and once said, “It has become increasingly clear to me that art is not an elitist activity reserved for the appreciation of a few, but everyone, and that is the end toward which I will continue to work.”

Coravin wants art and wine to be accessible to all, and its Timeless Six+ wine by the glass system models makes this possible. Until Coravin came onto the scene, tackling a standard-sized bottle of wine frequently resulted in wasted money. Why? Unless you have others to share a bottle with, getting through one on your own before it spoils is far from easy, with some referring to it as a race against time.

A closeup of the artists signature on the side of the wine preserver

The artistic touch
The Coravin and Keith Haring version of the wine by the glass system, Coravin Timeless Six, features Haring’s iconic black and white dancing figures across its surface area, coupled with his signature under the Coravin logo and chrome accents.

In addition to its alluring looks, another of the major draws of Coravin’s Keith Haring Timeless Six+ is it does away with stress and money wasting by allowing you to drink a glass as and when you want, and the best bit is the wine will keep for months, or even years.

Multiple views of the Keith Haring Timeless Six

How it works
The Coravin Timeless Six+ is a brilliantly simple idea. You place the Timeless Six+ with a Coravin Pure Capsule inside onto the top of a corked bottle of wine; press the trigger to remove any air or wine residue and push down the top of the Timeless Six+. Doing this, inserts a long needle into the bottle. Once done, you tilt the bottle, press the button and wine will begin to flow. When you have the required amount in the glass, you pull the system off using an upward motion, and the cork will be left sealed and intact – how clever is that?

Leena Jain, the Chief Marketing Officer at Coravin, added, “With this collaboration, we hope to inspire both art and wine lovers to explore more wines with a wine by the glass system that feels like a piece of modern art. This particular piece of Haring’s artwork is full of energy and movement, evoking a sense of joy. Its high contrast design and beautiful co-branded chrome deco plate will make a beautiful – and functional – addition to any home bar.”

A bottle of wine with the pourer and preserver on it

Final thoughts
Coravin’s Keith Haring Artist Edition Timeless Six+ is a must-have for wine fans and fans of the artist. Although it is designed to be used, it is one of those rare products that offers a strong case for just being taken out of its box and admired.

Coravin x Keith Haring Artist Edition Information

Each Coravin x Keith Haring Artist Edition Timeless Six+ set comes with a textured fabric carry case, the Timeless Aerator Attachment, replenishment Coravin Pure™ argon capsules, and Coravin Screw Cap accessories.

The exclusive, single-production edition is priced at £359.99 and is available from October via select retailers, including Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, while stocks last. You can read more about the Coravin x Keith Haring Artist Edition and see the full range of Coravin products at

The collaboration between The Keith Haring Foundation and Coravin, Inc. was made possible by the global licensing agency and creative consultancy, Artestar, which represents high-profile artists, creatives and much more.

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