The NFT-themed Crème De La Crème Ice Cream Parlour is a Malaysian First

The NFT-themed Crème De La Crème Ice Cream Parlour is a Malaysian First

Ong Chin Huat visits the newest Crème De La Crème, which has opened at Malaysia’s renowned Sunway Pyramid Mall, to sample the new ice cream flavours inspired by NFT artworks.

Being on the cutting edge, Crème De La Crème has become the first in Malaysia to open an NFT-themed ice cream parlour at the Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall.

Some of the ice cream flavours available at the parlour

In addition to enjoying the delicious ice-cream flavours and petit gȃteaux, customers can also admire popular NFT artwork. These include Bored Apes Yacht Club, Moonbirds, Doodles, and Gutter Cat Gang, as well as historical NFT collections such as Ounks Voxels, Dooggies and trending NFTs like Kiwani Genesis and Imaginary Ones, all of which are owned by the ice cream chain.

Three ice cream cones each containing one of the NFT inspired flavours

Crème De La Crème also plans to provide NFT fans and collectors with a platform to immerse themselves while enjoying what they came for in the first place – ice cream! And to kill two birds with a single stone, Crème De La Crème (CDLC) has created three new ice cream flavours and one petit gateau, which were inspired by four popular NFT artworks.

Bored Ape is made from mouth-watering French Milk Chocolate ice cream swirled with caramelised bananas, and freshly baked chocolate crumble.

CryptoPunk is inspired by the Alien skin of CryptoPunk #5822, which sold for a record-breaking US$23.7 million. Handcrafted from Australian cream cheese ice cream swirled with Butterfly Pea Flower ice cream and decked with burnt cheesecake chunks.

Doodles is made from 100 per cent natural ingredients such as Butterfly Pea Flower, lychee sorbet, peach sorbet and Madagascar vanilla ice cream, which recreates the pastel colour palette of Doodles NFT.

The Moonbirds desserts on a wooden plinth

Moonbirds Petit Gateau (above) is handcrafted from premium ingredients, including ultra-grade Kyoto matcha ice cream, coffee ice cream, mascarpone ice cream, and homemade coffee spice crumble.

The ice cream parlour in Sunway Pyramid Mall

The founder of CDLC, Lio Lim, said, “If you are like me and are obsessed with NFTs, we have created the perfect haven for you. Our new outlet at Sunway Pyramid was just a budding concept when NFTs were just gaining traction a year ago. This outlet was conceptualised with the NFT enthusiasts in mind where they can chill, hold meet-ups and share their love of NFTs with like-minded members of the community.”

The screens inside the ice cream parlour displaying NFT artworks

Those who own NFTs are also encouraged to share and display their collection on five dedicated LED-display screens by registering their interest with CDLC. The ice cream chain also plans to organise and host NFT meet-ups, and events with various NFT thought leaders and fan communities to foster camaraderie among NFT collectors and enthusiasts. CDLC also plans to become more involved in the NFT and crypto space.

Lio Lim, the founder of the company

“Since day one, be it our store concepts, ice cream flavours or petit gateaux designs, we have always challenged ourselves to innovate and constantly evolve to pioneer the next big thing,” Lim says. “With the launch of this new outlet at Sunway, we are proud to lead the way in the ice cream industry to promote and integrate digital assets against an F&B backdrop. CDLC Sunway serves as our launchpad that will future-proof us for the dawn of the metaverse!”

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The NFT-themed Crème De La Crème Ice Cream Parlour is a Malaysian First 2

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