The Refreshing Scent of Diptyque’s Mediterranean-inspired Summer Collection

The Refreshing Scent of Diptyque’s Mediterranean-inspired Summer Collection

Held at the Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur’s Aqua Restaurant & Bar, Ken’s Apothecary and the Mandarin Oriental KL hosted a poolside party for actresses, celebrities and KOLs at the launch of Diptyque’s Mediterranean-inspired summer collection.

Ong Chin Huat was there to experience the cool and refreshing scent of Diptyque’s new summer fragrance.

With the Mediterranean as its source of inspiration, Diptyque draws from this region’s landscape and nature for its limited-edition summer collection, beginning with Ilio. This new fragrance radiates with the warmth of the summer sun.

Diptyque Ilio in front of a hand painted picture

In Greek, Ilio translates to the sun and comes in an eau de toilette reminiscent of a whiff of the warm summer air intermingled with the scent of prickly pear, a symbolic yet unusual fruit from the Mediterranean, as well as bergamot, iris and jasmine.

This attractive scent is also available as an alcohol-free hair mist.

Fresh and original, Diptyque’s summer collection harks back to the two founders of Diptyque – Yves Coueslant and Desmond Know-Leet, who frequented the shores of the Mediterranean ocean in the 1960s, bringing back with them ornaments and artefacts of their holiday as remembrances of their idyllic summer vacation.

Some of the products at the launch on a table by the side of the swimming pool

This is evident in Ilio and the other products from Diptyques’ summer collection, which reflects the sun, sea, sand, flora and fauna of Italy, Provence and Greece.

This “Land of the Soul” is where Coueslant and Know-Leet truly found themselves and where the sheer beauty of the landscape enveloped their senses. Poetic and romantic, the vibe of this collection is enhanced further by illustrations and drawings by French artist Matthieu Cossè who was specially commissioned to depict the sun-kissed and flower-fragrant scenery of the Mediterranean on the bottles and packaging. His love of colour and use of gouache and watercolour techniques adds a certain purity to Diptyque’s summer collection giving it an innocent charm.

The brand's Citronelle Candle in front of a hand painted picture of the beachfront

Apart from the Ilio Eau de toilette and hair mist, the other products in the summer essential range include a Citronelle candle which celebrates the scent of lemongrass.

Popular as a summer fragrance, the main ingredient of lemongrass is also valued for its tangy coolness and its mosquito-repellent properties. Available in the 190-gram glass jar and the larger 1.5 kg cousin, which is decorated with Matthieu Cossè’s colourful illustrations, this summer scented candle is perfect for balmy summer nights sitting or dining al fresco.

Two of the female guests holding up the newly launched products

With essential oils of lemongrass, geranium and lemon eucalyptus as its base, this alluring scent is encapsulated in a Sumer Body Spray, with flourishes of floral notes with the base notes of musk, giving it a slightly exotic aura. Light and fresh with a hint of irreverence, Citronnelle and Geranium Body Spray with essential oils can also be applied as a mosquito repellent, ideal for tropical climates or beach resorts.

Similarly, the Citronnelle Perfumed insert is also available in Diptyque’s summer collection for use as a car or home diffuser.

A young lady poolside spraying the Vinaigre de toilette

Finally, to complete the Mediterranean-inspired summer collection, Diptyque reinvents its famous Vinaigre de toilette, one of the Maison’s very first products. It was created exclusively for this summer collection.

This Mediterranean version contains hints of lavender, rosemary and thyme, with a sprig of lavender inserted into the bottle as a mark of authenticity. It has multiple uses, including scenting clothes, spritzing on the body, beautifying the hair or cleansing the home, making it one of those rare products that are as versatile as they are useful.

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