In Conversation with Dr Hew Yin Keat at the M.A.C. Clinic Kuala Lumpur

In Conversation with Dr Hew Yin Keat, M.A.C. Clinic Kuala Lumpur's Medical Director

The M.A.C. Clinic in Kuala Lumpur is one of the pioneering aesthetic clinics in Malaysia, offering non-invasive aesthetic procedures with hardly any downtime, perfect for anyone wanting to erase the ravages of time but without going for a full facelift or any surgical procedures. Ong Chin Huat was eager to discover more, and the best person to explain is its Medical Director, Dr Hew Yin Keat.

Promoting the art of ageing gracefully, the M.A.C. Clinic has been smoothing and beautifying the complexions of their clients for the past 27 years with state-of-the-art skincare technologies, such as the PicoSure Laser, where they were the first aesthetic clinic to introduce it to the Malaysian market.

With a who’s who of Malaysia as some of their regular clients, including celebrities in sports, show business, fashion and the culinary industry, this premier aesthetic destination is led by Dr Hew Yin Keat, the Medical Director of the M.A.C. clinic. There are two branches of the M.A.C. Clinic, with a third one slated to open at The Starhill Kuala Lumpur by the end of 2023.

Dr Hew in the officeLuxurious Magazine speaks with Dr Hew about the most popular aesthetic procedures he performs and which new development in the area of skin aesthetics he is excited about.

Luxurious Magazine: Could you tell us how you founded The M.A.C. Clinic and why you decided to become a dermatologist?
Dr Hew: I first came into the field of aesthetic medicine in 2002 after being introduced by a successful doctor from Singapore. After working with him for two years, I was offered employment by a senior doctor in a Bangsar clinic (an upmarket area in Kuala Lumpur) who was planning for retirement.

In less than two years, I had taken over the practices in Bangsar and grew them into aesthetic clinics from 2006 onwards. Despite being in Bangsar, they offered my patients different experiences – one located in the BSC mall and another in a relaxing bungalow setting.

The M.A.C. Clinic was the first aesthetic clinic in Bangsar. I took the Diploma in Practical Dermatology in Cardiff, Wales, to deliver better patient results. However, most of my practice focuses on aesthetic medical consultations and procedures rather than disease dermatology. Aesthetic Medicine as a field was in its infancy at that time, and I found the area exciting, rapidly evolving and offering new treatment options to the community I serve.

A woman shocked by her acne problem

LM: What do you see are the main areas of skin concern in your patients bearing in mind the tropical climate in Malaysia?
Dr Hew: The tropical climate in Malaysia means exposure to a lot of sun and humidity throughout the year. It gives rise to problems of sebum overproduction and excessive sun exposure. Acne, pigmentation problems and accelerated ageing from too much exposure are all common. Treating all these conditions is the bulk of my work at my clinics, with aesthetic enhancement procedures secondary to these.

LM: Are your patients equally divided between men and women?
Dr Hew: Generally, women seem more concerned about their appearance than men, making up 80% of my clientele; generally, they’re after corrective work, maintenance and enhancement procedures. Men usually come to us with more specific concerns, like acne, pigment lesions and scar reduction, to name a few. There is no taboo to men coming to our clinics as we treat each individual according to their areas of concern.

One image showing the doors to the treatment rooms and another showing one of the pieces of equipment used by the clinic

LM: What are the top three aesthetic procedures at The M.A.C Clinic?
Dr Hew: Very broadly, we still do many injectable procedures like Botox and fillers and use energy-based devices like lasers, ultrasound and radiofrequency. Botox, fillers and lasers are our top 3 bread and butter procedures. However, if you’re asking about the top 3 trending treatments today, they would be:

a) Pico lasers
b) Profhilo
c) Ulthera

LM: What are the new developments in the area of skin aesthetics which you are excited about?
Dr Hew: Since the emergence of Botox as a powerful non-surgical aesthetic improvement and enhancement procedure, I’ve been fascinated by the advances in many areas in the medical aesthetic world. Skin will always need a certain degree of tightening, regenerating, colour toning, hydrating, strengthening and optimising to make it radiant or glow healthily. There have been huge developments in all these areas, which makes the aesthetic industry an exciting place to work at these times.

LM: What are the advantages of non-invasive procedures as opposed to invasive ones?
Dr Hew: My most important priority distinction would be patient acceptance and comfort. Having done a 3-year stint in anaesthesia before, my focus is to cause the least discomfort or pain to my patients. Non-invasive treatments have this advantage and frequently have a lower risk of long-term side effects for patients.

A woman before getting botox injections

LM: Creams, serums, lasers, peels and facelifts, do you think all these treatments and procedures can delay ageing? If yes, by how many years?
Dr Hew: Being in this field for more than 20 years, I know all these treatments can delay or reverse ageing to a certain extent. An obvious observation that illustrates this point is when quite a number of my patients started turning 50 after having years of treatment at my clinic. They do not look at all like the grandmothers or old aunties one would expect them to look like.

Their skin still looks fresh with good texture, with an even tone and minimal wrinkles. Many ageing concerns can now be addressed without resorting to a surgical facelift.

LM: Could you tell us more about Profhilo and what it does?
Dr Hew: Profhilo is a purely hyaluronic acid-based product with unique characteristics which distinguish it from all other products based on HA, like fillers and skin boosters. It has observable regenerative properties when injected into different tissues like skin, fat and muscle and has a bio-remodelling role.

It improves skin hydration and stimulates collagen production, which is significant enough to cause tissue firming. The product can be used for treatment on the face, neck, hands and almost any part of the body.

The reception area inside the clinic

LM: How effective are slimming treatments for the body without diet or exercise?
Dr Hew: They are very effective. The slimming or body contouring treatments I select to implement at my clinics are US FDA-approved, for example, Cool Sculpting. To get FDA approval, it must meet the strict safety and effectiveness requirements for a medical device and work independently from other factors like diet and exercise.

They have to conduct clinical trials which are published for scrutiny because doctors are among the biggest sceptics. Rest assured, I’ve thoroughly vetted all the treatments at my clinics for safety, effectiveness and quality. I usually explain some of the science to my patients when consulting.

An attractive young woman with her arms draped over an older woman who is ageing gracefully

LM: What is your definition of ageing gracefully?
Dr Hew: To me, ageing gracefully is acknowledging the changes that will happen to our entire body over time but taking preventive measures that can slow down the inevitable deterioration so that we can function as optimally as possible. Basically, to take good care and not abuse our God-given bodies, which we have been entrusted with. But to also do this while looking good and natural, which usually means appearing age-appropriate as well.

I think of it as looking the best version of yourself at your particular age or slightly younger. That, to me, is graceful.

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In Conversation with Dr Hew Yin Keat at the M.A.C. Clinic Kuala Lumpur 2

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