Drinking Quality Over Quantity Is Getting Evermore Trendier In 2023

Drinking Quality Over Quantity Is Getting Evermore Trendier In 2023

Enjoying a quality alcoholic beverage over quantity is fast becoming a trend. Consumers also drink less as they concentrate on health, sustainability and the environment. In response, companies are beginning to cater to this growing market.

As the premiumisation of alcohol continues on an upward trajectory, we look at some of the new and popular drinks appearing on the market.

Prime Time Caffeine Lager
Caffeine and lager will be music to most who need a pick me up after a day at work. Prime Time lager is a low-calorie, low-carb beer which has sought to shake up the stagnant beer category.

It offers consumers two varieties, Prime Time Classic and Prime Time Caffeine which is the world’s first caffeine-infused low calorie, low-carb lager.

Founded in 2019 by Made in Chelsea star Harvey Armstrong and business partner Sam Holmes, they have created a lager that appeals to the growing number of individuals who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle but still have fun. Prime Time was born from a conflicting love triangle between beer, fitness and good times.


A bottle of Ryujin

Bringing an authentic taste of Okinawa, Japan, to the UK, IKIGAI-YUI Spirits has just launched three expressions of Awamori (Japan’s oldest distilled alcoholic drink) – Ryuchu, Ryuyo, and Ryujin (above).

A bottle of Ryuchu

Winners of three (Ryuchu, shown above) and two stars (Ryuyo and Ryujin) at the 2022 Great Taste Awards, the expressions are fermented, distilled, and aged to each hint a delicate balance of notes from wild hibiscus, pineapple, and vanilla through to brown sugar, caramel, and white oak. Traditionally IKIGAI-YUI Spirits are sipped from a thimble encouraging drinkers to savour each tiny drop.

Desi Daru

Two bottles of Desi Daru vodka

Having launched in July 2022, Desi Daru has already been named World’s Best Flavoured Vodka in the World Vodka Awards (February 2023).

The Indian-inspired and British-made ultra-premium vodka brand is owned by British-born Indians Aneet Kaur and Mohit Singh, who celebrates the best of the two countries they call home through the flavour-led spirits, using quality ingredients from the Himalayan mountains to the jungles of Maharashtra and the lush English countryside.

Since its launch, last July, Desi Daru’s Alphonso Mango-flavoured vodka has been making waves in the drinks world. It reflects the quality of the finest Alphonso mangoes, prized for their sweetness sourced from India’s Ratnagiri, which are distilled rather than infused for a fuller, smooth flavour.

The brand’s vodkas are distilled seven times from English winter wheat grown in Oxfordshire. The husband and wife duo founders say it’s the perfect marriage of East and West.


A man holding a bottle of Talonmore

While Talonmore is not an alcoholic beverage, it’s made using brewing methods of manufacture, replicating the experience of drinking a dark spirit.

Inspired by the versatility of Edinburgh’s historic charm, natural surroundings and unique festival spirit, alcohol-free Talonmore is a unique blend of complex and fiery flavours. Introducing Talonmore Drinks Company, the Scottish-based, family-run business that established itself in Edinburgh in 2020.

The new batch of Talonmore uses a mix of rooted and plant-based ingredients and can be drunk to replicate spirit-strength drinks in a multitude of non-alcoholic cocktails and beverages.

Talonmore’s distinctive taste is fired by the spice of ginger and cinnamon whilst complemented with malty notes and fruit sweetness. This alcohol-free drink can be enjoyed without compromising health, control and taste.

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Drinking Quality Over Quantity Is Getting Evermore Trendier In 2023 2

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