Exploring Eden Mill’s Cask Mastery Collection of Single Malt Whiskies

Exploring Eden Mill's Cask Mastery Collection of Single Malt Whiskies

Three new limited edition single malt whiskies from Eden Mill make up the Cask Mastery Collection, and each has an individual character due to them maturing in different casks from three base alcohols.

Eden Mill is an independent distillery on the banks of the Eden Estuary in St Andrews. Established in 2012, it is the first distillery to make spirits in the Scottish region in over 150 years. Eden Mill has a selection of limited-release Single Malts and a broad range of gins crafted from the finest botanicals. Many ingredients are foraged from in and around St Andrews.

The company aims to create the finest gins and Scotch Whiskies with minimal environmental impact but using traditional distilling techniques with innovation.

An artists impression of the new mill building in St. Andrews

Eden Mill is constructing a stunning new distillery at the mouth of the Eden, overlooking the historic town of St Andrews. The distillery will be at the heart of the University of St Andrews’ Eden Campus, a unique site dedicated to sustainable businesses.

The Cask Mastery Collection.
Three single malts, all natural in colour, are the creation of Eden Mill’s skilled head distiller Scott Ferguson.

Scott said, “Port, Madeira and rum casks were purposefully chosen for their unique character and influence on the maturing spirit., and the differences between the resulting whisky colour and flavour of these non-chill filtered single malts is astounding.”

“The first in the collection, the rum cask-matured release, has an ABV of 47% and evokes a sense of the Caribbean. A nose of vanilla and banana combines with flavour notes of caramelised pineapple, coconut, black coffee and a soft, spicy oak finish. Our port cask matured release, bottled at a full cask strength of 61.1%, packs a lot of flavour with fantastic richness and depth.

“The perfect expression for those whisky lovers looking for a succulent single malt. There is a delightful combination of sweetness on the nose, a palate of grapes, dates, raisins, a touch of cocoa powder and a surprisingly spicy, earthy finish. The Madeira cask matured release, bottled at a full cask strength of 56.8%, is the first ever peated whisky Eden Mill has released.”

“It’s been a delight working with a peated whisky. The smoky notes combine beautifully with the sweet dessert-like flavours the Madeira cask has gifted. The whisky has a sweet, almost marzipan-like nose, with sherried notes of apricot, peach and plum across the palate. But it is the lingering citrus notes and a touch of peat that finish this single malt so well.”

A bottle of the Madeira Cask whisky next to a filled glass with ice

Madeira Cask
Madeira Cask Matured Single Malt Scotch Whisky is cask-strength, bottled at 56.8% ABV, and is non-chill filtered with natural colour. The teal blue label is a nod to the vibrant waters of this subtropical archipelago situated off the coast of Africa. There are 272 bottles available in this limited-edition whisky release.

These whisky casks previously matured Madeira wine that has imparted a beautiful array of decadent flavours to the Eden Mill whisky.

On the nose, you get cinder toffee and sweet, rich marzipan. The sweetness comes from plum, peach and apricot in your mouth with subtle spice. A touch of peat citrus fruit notes lingers on your taste buds.

It is recommended to taste Madeira cask whisky neat at first, even at cask strength; it is deliciously drinkable. To fully bring out the flavours, add a small amount of water.

A bottle of the port cask matured whisky next to a glass with ice

Port Cask
Port, the sweet, fortified wine, has been around for hundreds of years and is enjoyed globally. , Eden Mill’s has taken casks previously used to mature Port to mature this delightful limited edition Port cask whisky. The Port Cask Matured whisky expression is 61.1% ABV, cask-strength. Limited to 500 bottles, this whisky is also non-chill filtered with natural colour.

On the nose, you get aromas of wine sweetness with some blackcurrant and a hint of citrus. The grape, date and raisin notes on your palate come through alongside a warming spice and a creamy nuttiness. The finish is slightly earthy, intertwined with cocoa powder and pleasantly sharp.

This single malt whisky is best tasted neat to appreciate the cask-strength, heightened flavour profile fully. Then it is advised to gradually add a small amount of water to dilute it to your taste and to let all the tasting notes reveal themselves.

The very first bottle number one of the rum cask whisky

Rum Cask
The Rum Cask Matured Single Malt Whisky has vibrant, fruity notes and is Non-chill filtered, with natural colour. It is the lightest coloured of the Whisky Cask Mastery releases and has a great depth of flavour. The single-cask whisky is bottled at 47% ABV and limited to 290 bottles.

You smell delicious vanilla, banana bread and demerara sugar delightful. The sweetness comes through on the palate from caramelised pineapple, along with light cereal maltiness and oaky notes. A lingering hint of oak with subtle spice and rich coffee remains in your mouth.

Each bottle is £170, available from Eden Mill stores in the Livingston Outlet Centre, St Andrews, and the distillery website. Other stockists are Masters of Malt, Radisson RED Glasgow, Hard to Find Whisky, Taste of Scotland and Luvian’s.

If you would like to find out more about Eden Mill and its products, please visit www.edenmill.com.

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