100% Slow-grown Blue Agave El Rayo Tequila and the Peckham Paloma

100% Slow-grown Blue Agave El Rayo Tequila and the Peckham Paloma

Contrary to the date showing we’re in the summer, much of the United Kingdom is still waiting for bright and warmer days. In readiness for when they do arrive, we’ve got a special treat to keep you in a summery mood: a delicious drink called the Peckham Paloma. Its main ingredient is El Rayo Reposado Tequila.

The name alone, ‘the Peckham Paloma,’ should bring a smile to people’s faces, which is something we all need to see more of, given the negative news constantly being inflicted on people’s eyes and ears. Although the mention of Peckham might cause some to conjure up thoughts of a much-loved British television show, the ‘El Rayo/Peckham’ link has its roots planted firmly in the ‘real world’.

Unlike the Peckham Spring water, which was shown in the “Mother Nature’s Son” Only Fools and Horses episode, El Rayo’s Peckham Paloma is an authentic classic Mexican Tequila highball drink, which has been likened to the golden hour on a Mexican rooftop.

At this point, we are pretty sure that some of you will be thinking, “What’s Peckham got to do with a classic Mexican drink?” It’s simple: The founders of El Rayo, best friends Tom Bishop and Jack Vereker, hail from the southeast London district.


Something that Jack and Tom shared was their affection for Añejo tequila. It was their passion for the drink that prompted them to follow their entrepreneurial spirit, which resulted in them quitting their jobs and leaving Peckham for Guadalajara city’s vibrancy in Mexico.

In Guadalajara, they combined their passion with Maestro Tequilero Oscar Garcia’s experience and skills. The three embarked on a mission to craft a spirit that would celebrate modern Mexico.

Joining Tom, Jack and Oscar on the project was the local Mexican artist Mario Ballesteros, the founder of the Toro Pinto Design Studio. Mario used his skills to create the brand’s distinctive design and iconic label, which is now proudly displayed on each uniquely shaped bottle.

A bottle of the tequila

To achieve the ideal flavour profile, the team headed to the Mexican highlands to seek out the best blue agave plants. They distilled the agave into a single ingredient, and the result of this was a fresh-tasting Tequila made with tonic in mind.

With their mission accomplished, all that remained was choosing a name for their drinks brand. El Rayo, which in Spanish means “the lightning,” best summed up their vision, and thus, the El Rayo Tequila was born.

About El Rayo Reposado
El Rayo Reposado is a full-bodied and layered tequila. It is rested in ex-whisky casks for seven months, where it develops its golden caramel colour and rich, nutty complexity. On the nose, the Reposado offers hints of aromatic spices, which give way to flavours of cinnamon, fresh herbs, and bitter orange.

The Peckham Paloma

How to Make a ‘Peckham Paloma’
This drink is a mellow, exciting, tart, sweet, simple-to-make tequila highball. The requisite ingredients are:

  • 40ml El Rayo Reposado
  • 30ml Pink grapefruit juice
  • 10ml Lime juice
  • 10ml Sugar syrup
  • Grapefruit soda

To make it, combine all the ingredients in a highball glass with ice, top with grapefruit soda, garnish with a fresh grapefruit slice and rosemary sprig, and enjoy!

You can learn more about El Rayo on their official website: https://elrayotequila.com/.

If you are planning to enjoy a drink or two this summer, please drink responsibly.

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