ElectricBrands New XBUS Camper, Evetta and Nito, Small but Perfectly Formed

ElectricBrands XBUS Camper, Evetta and Nito Scooters being enjoyed by young people

ElectricBrands, the German company producing electric vehicles, has unveiled its XBUS Camper, Evetta and Nito scooters. The new models offer you the possibility of complete electric travel to cover all your requirements.

If you are over fifty, you will probably remember the three-wheeled vehicles from the 1960s named after aeroplanes and resembling the fuselage of an aircraft. The driver would sit in the Heinkel bubble car and could fit two passengers in line behind them. Then there was the BMW Isetta, an iconic vehicle for the time where you entered it from a front door with the steering wheel attached to it.

ElectricBrands takes designs from the past and completely modernises them. You can see the VW camper’s lines in the XBUS Camper’s look, and with the Evetta, like the BMW Isetta.

A woman exiting the Evetta by using the front opening door

The Light Electric vehicle LEV is almost ready for production and is being developed at the Göttingen site. The Evetta is particularly striking with the forward-opening door. Formerly called “Karo”, the Evetta was designed by the former vehicle manufacturer Artega. The company is now Artega, fully integrated into the ElectricBrands group of companies.

Buyers can look forward to a remarkable vehicle for a new way of transportation. The Evetta reaches a top speed of 54 mph and is emission-free. The small dimensions (length of 2.48 metres, width of 1.50 metres) allow the Evetta to park crosswise and take up little parking space. A range of up to 120 miles means the electric car is ideally equipped for the city and its surroundings.

The X-Bus vehicle with its doors open

XBUS Camper
The XBUS Camper is shown to the public for the first time one year after the launch of the XBUSconcept. The standard vehicle is a van chassis to which you can choose your interchangeable pod. Think Thunderbird Two, which lifted, enabling various containers to be carried for the work that needed doing. The XBUS doesn’t lift, but you slide the modules on, allowing you to use the vehicle as a pickup for work purposes; then, at the weekend, slide the pickup module off. Attach the Camper module, and off you go on your adventures.

The drive is controlled electronically and is a 4-wheel drive with recuperating electric motors producing an output of > 1,000 Nm torque. You get interchangeable batteries producing 45 kWh in total, with 15 kWh permanently installed. Optionally expandable with exchangeable batteries by another 30 kWh.

Taking the Standard chassis, you can add the camping modules I + II. The Camper module allows you and one other to sleep in comfort and benefit from a space-saving kitchen with a sink, refrigerator and hotplate. Your break will not miss out on your creature comforts as you get Fridge, TV, hob, fresh water tank and sink.

The Camper has a 10 kWh battery capacity with approx 120-mile range or optional up to 30 kWh and a 460-mile range. You have peace of mind with handling as it is an All-wheel drive vehicle allowing you to venture off-road if you want. Extra power is generated via a solar roof system and recuperation.

The Nito scooter

The new electric scooters from NITO will launch this month. The N1e is an electric pedal scooter with a 240-watt motor. You can ride it at a speed of 12 mph and have a range of 12 miles. The NES5 and NES10 e-scooters are 30 mph and 54 mph, respectively and have a range of up to 54 miles depending on your riding mode selection. The e-scooters will be available for order via mynito.com from mid-July 2022.

XBUS Camper and Evetta represent the new generation of light electric vehicles. They will play an essential role in traffic turnaround because they consume little energy, are space-saving, and are more efficient than large, heavy (electric) vehicles. A Thesis from the German Aerospace Centre, DLR, on LEVs (Light Electric Vehicles) shows that up to 57 million tonnes of CO2 could be saved annually through their use.

Some of the electric vehicles in a hangar

Martin Henne, ElectricBrands CEO, said, “We need a strong, nationwide, uniformly regulated subsidy for light electric vehicles”, Adding, “This future car classification is elementary for a successful, sustainable traffic turnaround. Instead of ever heavier, more expensive electric vehicles, we must focus more on lightweight, low consumption and reduced parking space.”

About ElectricBrands
ElectricBrands is a German producer of sustainable and innovative electric vehicles with goals to define future mobility. The company develops and distributes electric-powered light vehicles with high sustainability and usability for different customer groups.

The XBUX Camper in a green and white paint scheme

XBUS is the company’s first light electric vehicle in the L7E class, developed in 2018. The prototype was presented to the global public in July 2021 and scheduled for market launch in 2023. Special features are an exchange system for battery modules, efficient drive systems, recyclability, the integration of solar cells, and the various module assemblies, which you can change independently.

The brand is also the exclusive distributor of the e-scooters and e-bikes of the Italian company NITO bikes. For more information on any ElectricBrands vehicles featured in this article, please visit https://electricbrands.de.

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ElectricBrands New XBUS Camper, Evetta and Nito, Small but Perfectly Formed 4

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