Elysium-R, the Roll-Royce of Chairs Comes to the Heart of London

Elysium-R, the Roll-Royce of Chairs Comes to the Heart of London 1
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At £38,000, the Elysium-R from DavidHugh Ltd needs to be far more than an ordinary chair and it certainly is!

When does a chair become something more than a place to place your bottom? When it costs £38,000, incorporates science and cutting-edge materials into its design and takes the person using it to a whole new undiscovered level of comfort.

Elysium-R, the Roll-Royce of Chairs Comes to the Heart of London 4

With a product as advanced as this, there can only be one capital city in the world worthy of its presence. DavidHugh Ltd, the Cambridge-based design house has strategically placed their new limited edition Elysium-R chair alongside another of the world’s great designs, the all-new Phantom inside Rolls-Royce’s flagship showroom.

The new chair is on display until the 19th January 2018 where passers-by will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the world’s most technologically advanced chair.

Elysium-R, the Roll-Royce of Chairs Comes to the Heart of London 5

David Wickett, co-founder of DavidHugh, said: “It’s a true honour to have Rolls-Royce Motor Cars London hosting the launch of Elysium-R – a product we’re incredibly excited about. This is without question the most elegant version of Elysium we have made, but with the same unprecedented and remarkable levels of comfort as the standard model. Rubbing shoulders with such luxurious cars – particularly the stunning new Phantom – is where Elysium-R is truly at home, and we’re delighted to see it in the showroom lining up next to some of the most beautiful cars ever made.”

At this point, you’re probably thinking to yourself, how on earth can a chair justify a price-tag of £38,000? Well, according to the designer, the Elysium chair, in sort of technical terms, neutralises gravity, implements floatation theory and takes comfort to a whole new level by recalibrating the senses.

In a change to the previous standard version of the chair, the Elysium-R incorporates brand new armrests that sweep back to offer more support. These are machine-cut out of a pure aluminium billet and anodised black. The armrests are sculpted using 3D CAD/CAM to follow the contours of both the arms and motion of the chair.

The engineers at DavidHugh have developed a new technique to fill the armrest with a grade of gel that mimics the quality of human skin. This ‘second skin’ is covered with the same grade of leather as the body of the chair, giving an unbelievable look and feel.

The Elysium-R is presented in a near-black pure aniline leather from Swedish cattle together with a black chrome base and almond-gold frame – giving it a darker, more luxurious appearance. The contrast achieved by the black chrome, black aluminium and gold elements highlight the sophistication in engineering, where parts appear to intersect and join in impossible ways.

The chair is limited to just 18 models worldwide to coincide with its launch date: 1st January 2018.

It’ll certainly be at home alongside Rolls-Royce’s stunning models at the Mayfair dealership, with both the chair and the cars offering a truly unrivalled sense of luxury and craftsmanship.

For more information on Elysium, head to www.davidhugh.com. Or contact +44 (0)1223 811198, or email: [email protected].

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