Say ‘YES’ to Ethical Wedding Jewellery and Help the Planet

Say ‘YES’ to Ethical Wedding Jewellery and Help the Planet

If someone said to you, ‘you can have the exact jewellery you want for up to 80% less than you’ll pay in the shops’ you’d be interested right? This is what Gemma by WP Diamonds is doing. They’re offering pre-loved jewellery and a fraction of the RRP and on top of this, you’ll be helping the planet.

Damage to the environment is, and will always be the biggest story in the world and almost everyone is doing their bit to help reverse it. People around the world are saying ‘no’ to plastic, recycling whatever they can, they’re switching to pre-loved designer clothes and one of the next things on the agenda has to be jewellery.

Most people have little idea of what goes into making a beautiful new piece of wedding jewellery. Next time you’re looking in the window of a jewellery shop, consider the following:

  • Each carat of diamond mined uses nine litres of fuel consumption, 2,500 litres of water and emits around half a tonne of greenhouse gases.
  • For each gold ring produced, 18 tonnes of waste – including cyanide which poisons surrounding land and waterways – is created.
  • Man-made diamonds are one way around this, but we now know creating a diamond in a few weeks in a lab – something that would take thousands of years to form in the earth – uses a huge amount of energy, which rules this out as a sustainable purchase.
So, what are our options? The good news is you don’t have to give up on well-made, well-designed jewellery in order to be sustainable.

Gemma by WP Diamonds is a new site that lets you buy show-stopping engagement, wedding rings and other jewellery, that has been pre-loved. What’s more, they stock designer brands like Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Bulgari and more for up to 80% off the retail price. It still defies belief that people will spend huge amounts more when a pre-owned diamond looks and feels exactly like a brand new one, plus it contributes to none of the ethical or ecological damage that comes from diamond and gold mining.

“Engagement rings are actually WP Diamonds’ biggest circulation items, with both modern and vintage pieces available from luxury brands like Tiffany & Co and Cartier. All diamond rings are polished and refurbished to excellent condition so there is no drop in quality by buying pre-owned. And best of all, it means you can get a stunning diamond ring at a fraction of the price, without doing damage to the environment.” – Andrew Brown, CEO of WP Diamonds

Say ‘YES’ to Ethical Wedding Jewellery and Help the Planet 2

Whatever route you go down, follow Andrew Brown’s tips on how to buy an ethical engagement ring:

Ask the right questions. Be aware that the mining of gold and diamonds has both a social and environmental impact. If you’re buying a brand new engagement ring, don’t be afraid to ask your broker about both aspects on the provenance of your ring.

Stick to reputable brands. Be aware of the brands that ethically source precious materials, steering away from conflict-diamonds and using less harmful mining practices. These include classic brands, such as Tiffany & Co., while newer ethical brands including Ingle & Rhode, use Fairtrade gold and source their diamonds from traceable Canadian mines.

Choose a ring that’s already in circulation. The most sustainable way to shop is to buy pre-owned. Gemma by WP Diamonds puts high-end engagement rings into re-circulation, selling them for far below the retail price, giving consumers access to beautiful jewellery without putting additional strain on the environment through new mining. We all know the importance of recycling plastic, but the same applies to precious metals and gemstones.

Re-craft existing family pieces. Incorporating family heirlooms into your own bespoke designs scores high on sentimental value, while also protecting the environment. Find a designer you love, like Benjamin Hawkins, who will incorporate vintage materials into their work.

Consider selling on your jewellery. Rather than letting it linger in a box, by selling your jewellery, you’re ensuring resources remain in circulation, cutting demand for environmentally and socially damaging diamond and gold mining. Not to mention earning money for something that is otherwise just gathering dust!

If your jewellery has served its purpose, why not get a price quote today and do your bit to help the planet.

Paul Godbold

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

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