Discovering The Lure Of Etho Maria – The Greek Fine Jewellery Brand


Highly unique gemstones, high quality and incredible accuracy are the core characteristics of the jewellery creations by Etho Maria

Simone Zeffiro
By Simone Zeffiro

This superlative Greek signature from Athens has become widely recognised, renowned and respected in the jewellery market worldwide. Their innovative designs and high-quality has helped build Etho Maria’s international profile resulting in new headquarters in two of the most glamorous and fashion cities of the world, Miami and Milan.

Takis Etho, Owner of the Brand says, “Everything we do at Etho Maria rests upon one core value: our desire to offer genuine value to our customer. Every piece of fine jewellery is made with stones that have been carefully hand-picked for their exquisite beauty and value”.

Discovering The Lure Of Etho Maria – The Greek Fine Jewellery Brand 3

Describing the Etho Maria style is not an easy task, but in a few words, I could simply talk about the unrivalled ability to astonish and impress with their fine craftsmanship of each piece. I could also emphasise the uniqueness of each piece revealing an unexpected harmony between elements, colours and stones.

Discovering The Lure Of Etho Maria – The Greek Fine Jewellery Brand 4Takis Etho continues, “Being masters at the art of fine-crafted jewellery, each piece is lovingly created with great care at every stage in the process. This ensures the finished product will not only possess a unique beauty but will stand the test of time. Such a philosophy encapsulates our fundamental belief that the craft of fine jewellery creation is indeed an art form”.

After twenty years of experience and passion for gemstones and high jewellery under Etho Lithos, in 2008 there was a strategic name change to Etho Maria. This new brand has allowed them to reach new prestigious heights around the world.

Among the numerous precious collections designed by Etho Maria artisans, I would like to highlight the “River Collection”, the “Classic Collection” (winner of the Centurion Bridal Award 2012 and 2016), the “Etho Maria Blue Ring” (winner of the Couture Design Award 2015), the New “Opal Beads” and many others.

In summary, Etho Maria’s handmade jewellery masterpieces are for those who expect the unexpected…

Etho Maria – Where and how

You can discover more of the Etho Maria creations on their official website:

View some of the Etho Maria creations in the gallery below

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