Everrati & Gulf Oil International Bring Colour Back to Britain’s Grey Roads

Everrati & Gulf Oil International Bring an Electrifying Blast from the Past Back

For many, the Gulf Oil livery colours will be instantly recognisable, having adorned some of the finest cars in motorsport. It is now making a comeback to Britain’s road network thanks to a brand new partnership between Gulf Oil International and Everrati.

The blue, orange and white Gulf Oil livery was first unveiled in the 1960s and is an icon of the advertising and marketing industry. Many British children grew up with the logo’s colours, seeing it on TV and finding it on their toy cars, electric race sets, and more. In its heyday, the logo and probably the brand name were likely more recognisable for its motorsport links than its primary business of oil production.

This iconic livery is set to make a comeback on Britain’s roads thanks to a newly formed partnership between Everrati and Gulf Oil International.

An electric engine under the bonnet of a classic car
An electric engine inside a classic Porsche 911.

About Everrati
The UK based Everrati take iconic classic cars and install electric powertrains to extend their driving longevity. The craftsmen at the company harmoniously incorporate the latest technology of electric motors keeping the integrity of the original vehicle.

Electric charging socket inside a classic Porsce 911
The discreet charging port.

They have now partnered with Gulf Oil Int’ to create a Porsche 911 with the recognisable Orange and Blue paint scheme of Gulf racing.

What Everrati is doing is extending the life of cars for their owners who want to drive them. The installation of electric powertrains means the cars pass all modern emissions, which allows them to be driven in cities with strict emission rules. Under the new partnership, Everrati customers will have the opportunity to commission Gulf-liveried electric sports cars, further extending automotive passion alongside clean technology.

Mike Jones, the CEO, Gulf Oil International, said: “Gulf’s strong brand heritage and well-loved livery, combined with the world’s most iconic cars in a bespoke EV application, makes for a truly unique offering. We are excited to be able to offer our iconic livery as an officially licensed custom option in partnership with Everrati.”

Gulf Oil is synonymous with high-quality products, innovation, and technical excellence. It is now proactively moving into the e-mobility/electric vehicles sector, aligning directly with Everrati’s attributes. The company has a significant presence that stems back to the glory days of motorsport. Their infamous racing colours will now grace future Everrati models of the customers’ choosing.

A meticulous, Concours-standard restoration preserves each car’s past before the careful installation of Everrati’s high-technology, zero-emissions, and fully-electric powertrain. This offers significantly improved reliability levels, refinement and, of course, sustainability.

Three quarter rear view of one of the Gulf Oil liveried 911s

Everrati will be offering classic and sportscar enthusiasts a beautifully engineered complete- electric solution. These will be meticulously developed, resulting in significantly improved performance levels whilst retaining the original’s pure sporting driving sensations and handling.

Those worried about the impact on the value of a classic car by electrifying it can sleep easy. Everrati’s engineering transformation is entirely reversible, ensuring it maintains the car’s history and value.

The cars look beautiful, as you can see from the images. Porsche 911 Targas have always been head turners. Long will this remain with an electric conversion sympathetically carried out by Everatti, allowing them to be driven well into the future.

Seeing a Gulf Oil liveried car driving on British roads will bring joy to my heart, and I am sure many others will share the same feeling upon seeing one. The only thing that would make me happier is seeing the black and gold JPS livery on the roads; however, in these current times, that’s quite unlikely to happen any time soon!

Everrati electric classic Porsche 911

Everrati – Where and How?

Everrati will be exhibiting at several exclusive automobile events around the UK in 2021, the first being London Concourse at Honourable Artillery Company, City Road, London EC1 from the 8th –12th June. For more information, visit www.everrati.com.

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Everrati & Gulf Oil International Bring Colour Back to Britain's Grey Roads 2


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