The Experimental Perfume Club Really Does Make Perfect Scents

The Experimental Perfume Club Really Does Make Perfect Scents

There are very few business names more apt than the Experimental Perfume Club. This innovative British company not only creates its own exquisite scents, they also put the ability to make world-class fragrances directly into the hands of the public.

The very first time we read about the Experimental Perfume Club, we were hooked. We adore fine fragrances but the most exquisite often come with unworldly price tags. So the opportunity to make personalised, unique, high-quality scents at far less cost is what we call in the UK, a ‘No-brainer’.

Perfumes are amazing, some people think they are only used to mask odours, but this is far from the truth. Fine fragrances can enhance one’s mood, make a person more desirable and create confidence. They also help to define the wearer’s personality.

The briefest waft of a fragrance will trigger memories of the wearer or a happy moment; you could consider a perfume a person’s calling card.

Emmanuelle Moeglin, in-house perfumer at Experimental Perfume Club
Emmanuelle Moeglin.

Emmanuelle Moeglin is the driving force behind the Experimental Perfume Club.

Before running her own business, she honed her craft at the world’s leading perfumery schools before working as the Scent Design Manager for iconic fragrance brands such as L’Oreal and Puig in Paris, Barcelona and New York.

With so much experience and knowledge, creating a brand where she could share this with the wider-world was an obvious choice, and she has done this with aplomb.

In addition to her role as the in-house perfumer at Experimental Perfume Club, she still finds time to host workshops in London sharing her skills and knowledge while continuing to design fragrances for others.

In the future, we’re hoping to partake in one of Experimental Perfume Club’s workshops. For the time being, our experience of their amazing creations will be based upon the Discovery Set Bespoke Collection they kindly sent to us.

What is the Discovery Set Bespoke Collection?
The bespoke collection consists of 20 unique blends expertly curated by Emmanuelle with a handy guide explaining the make-up of each one.

Each has been carefully curated and is an ideal opportunity to match how you’re feeling that particular day. If there’s one particular fragrance you’ve fallen in love with, you have the added bonus of being able to order a 50ml version of it.

Experimental Perfume Club Discovery Set Bespoke Collection

The bespoke collection comes in a discreet white box providing little indication of what’s to come.

Upon opening, we discovered two layers of labelled glass bottles each containing a different perfume. There was a lovely smell coming from the collection, my husband Paul who was staring at his phone said, “that smells lovely, wear that one”.

I had to explain to him it wasn’t just one fragrance this was a collection of various unique scents and what he was experiencing was a combination of all of them. But, the signs were positive; my husband, who has almost no experience of ladies perfumes seemed excited.

What’s inside the Bespoke Collection

The collection contains 20 x 2.5ml unique blends.

  • Electric Fig
  • Bergamot Noir
  • Rose Bergamot
  • Bois Seve
  • Rose Bergamot
  • Velvet Incense
  • Jardin Rose
  • Bergamot Blush
  • Neon Jasmine
  • Beige Santal
  • Rose Extravagante
  • The Osmanthe
  • Fleur d’amber
  • Rose Charcoal
  • Red Hot Wood
  • Ambre Epices
  • Rouge Santal
  • Amber Dusk
  • Poudre Opale
  • Santal Nuit
  • Bois Lumiere

I adored all of the fragrances, it was almost impossible to choose a favourite, but I did and you’ll excuse me for not revealing which one.

In the unlikely event, you don’t find the exact fragrance you desired. The Experimental Perfume Club offers a range of ‘Compose your own blending boxes’. These sets are specifically designed to let people’s imaginations run wild. They consist of one top, one middle and a base Eau de Parfum in separate mini-bottles.

Experimental Perfume Club Blending Collection

In addition, you’ll receive an empty bottle and a pipette, and the rest is up to you. Add as much or as little as you want from each note until you get the precise fragrance to reflect your individual personality. Remember to write down how you concocted your perfect fragrance so you can replicate it again when needed!

When you think about it, the opportunity to blend your own fragrance not found anywhere else in the world is incredible. Anyone who’s looking for an affordable present that is truly unique needs look no further than one of these sets. Add to this, each of the base layers in the set is unisex and can even be worn on its own, making the possibilities endless.

If you’re a budding perfumer, want to learn more about the secretive art of creating fine perfumes or just want to treat yourself to a collection of world-class fragrances at an affordable price, look no further than the Experimental Perfume Club. I think what they do is simply amazing!

Experimental Perfume Club – Where and how?

Delivery in the UK is free for orders over £90 and shipping is available throughout Europe. A free sample is provided with every 50ml bottle ordered. If you’re in London, you can learn more about the club at the Blending Lab in the Selfridges Store.

The workshops and classes take place at EPC Lab, 4 Netil Lane, London E8 3RL. You can find out more by emailing [email protected].

To place an order or for more information on the Experimental Perfume Club, visit

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