Summer Home Protection With EZVIZ Security Cameras & Video Doorbells

The EZVIZ C6 whole room camera

Summer has finally arrived, and the holiday season is in full stride, with thousands of people heading off on holiday. Sadly, this is also when opportunist burglars rear their ugly heads. Vacant properties are a prime target for break-ins, so we decided to focus on security cameras and video doorbells.

With days getting longer, the promise of summer just around the corner and our excitement of not having our travel restricted, it may be easy to overlook home security. But you can never be too careful, and it’s best to use burglar alarm deterrents. Burglaries can be prevented with basic security coupled with common sense. But what security system should you go for?

Sabi Phagura has been talking to experts at EZVIZ’s range of indoor, outdoor and night vision cameras, as well as indoor cameras.

EZVIZ Outdoor Security Camera Dual Lens 1080P
This is a dual-lens security camera(C3X) whose vivid and natural night-time colour video of this camera offers razor-sharp focus even with the absence of supplemental lights. C3X is an advanced and fully featured security system with Full HD image quality, a customisable alarm system, two-way audio, intelligent AI algorithms, and revolutionary colour night vision clarity.

It has an inbuilt AI algorithm that can get accurate alerts when people and vehicles appear in your specified zones. The camera runs on AC power and works with the EZVIZ app. Voice alerts can be customised so that when activity is detected, it warns any intruders they are trespassing.

EZVIZ C4W Outdoor Turret Security Camera

EZVIZ C4W Outdoor Turret Security Camera
This full HD Wi-Fi Outdoor Turret wall-mounted camera from EZVIZ comes with full HD 1080p resolution video delivering crystal clear monitoring all day as well as super night vision (up to 98ft) so that images and clips are always visible in full clarity even in the small hours.

IP67 All-Weather ready, it’s robust and able to withstand tough weather conditions, so homeowners can feel confident their property is protected no matter the weather outside. The Outdoor Turret Camera also uses active defence, including a strobe light.

Again, like the above camera, you can utilise a customise voice alert system. A warning light will send a push notification to the user’s smartphone so they can view what has happened and take appropriate action.

The manufacturers video doorbell with its plug-in chime

EZVIZ 2K Video Doorbell Battery-Powered Wireless Kit with Chime
Ding-dong. Completely wireless and wire-free in design, this doorbell security system comes with an embedded rechargeable battery. The DB2 is easy to install and features a handful of pro features to make front-door security easy. It can be set up anywhere in minutes, and you can have peace of mind with a run time of up to 115 days on one full charge; it’s also fully weather-proof to withstand any extreme weather.

The DB2 lets users know who’s there, even when they’re not at home. It has an extremely wide viewing angle to see visitors from head to toe, all via the EZVIZ app. It also features night vision of up to five metres.

The DB2 rings and helps people effortlessly answer the door, even from afar. An instant video call will be initiated to the mobile phone, so users can see and talk through the EZVIZ app to let friends know if it’s a good time to visit or tell the postman to place parcels in a preferred spot. It’s also smart enough to detect human movements rather than running pets or moving leaves.

The DB2 Pro supports local storage through a large microSD card of up to 256 GB, which can be inserted onto the indoor chime for enhanced data protection. EZVIZ also supports encrypted cloud storage upon subscription. The DB2 is also hard to tamper with. Should would-be intruders attempt to remove it forcibly, a sharp alarm will set off while a mobile alert reaches the user.

EZVIZ C8C Outdoor Security Camera
The EZVIZ C8C Outdoor Security Cam is an all-in-one camera that records, detects and deters effective in the face of property security needs. And is the brand’s first outdoor pan/tilt camera in outdoor surveillance and protection. The C8C boasts powerful features, including panoramic monitoring and comes with A1 powerful human shape detection, colour night vision and event-triggered active defence.

Compact and attractive, the orb-shaped C8C fits in any home environment. With a 360-degree field of view, the camera easily takes in views across large outdoor spaces. The pan and tilt features help overcome blind spots in monitoring that many outdoor cameras suffer from. Furthermore, the camera comes equipped with a noise-cancelling microphone.

Users can easily manoeuvre the C8C using the EZVIZ app on their mobile devices to see and hear what’s going on. The C8C also has two external antennas for enhanced Wi-Fi connections and is IP65-rated to deliver long-standing, high-performance even in wind, rain, or snow.

The C6 AI Smart Camera on a table in a bedroom

EZVIZ C6 AI Smart Camera
The EZVIZ C6 AI smart camera is an indoor camera that’s small in size, big in functionality and offers a great way to keep an eye on your family or pets when you’re not home. With on-camera AI, the C6 2K+ identifies humans and pets in an instant and detects abnormal sounds to add an extra layer of protection. The camera can automatically zoom in up to 4 times to follow a moving object and has 360 degrees panoramic view.

The C6 can also track high-speed activity, and fast movements will not appear blurry in the camera’s vision, thanks to the 25-fps video recording capacity. The camera also has safe video storage, enabling you to secure your unforgettable memories on a local SD card. What’s more, the camera notifies you when you are needed and can alert you when the noise level suddenly changes.

The C3TN Colour night vision security camera
The C3TN Colour features all the essential elements one could ask for outdoor protection. With 1080p resolution, colour night vision and two built-in spotlights, the image is crystal clear, even if it is pitch black. It renders colour night vision up to 15 metres and infrared black-and-white vision up to 30 metres, so homeowners can rest assured that any unusual activity will be clearly captured, be that day or night. With an IP67-rated camera body, the C3TN is both dust and water-resistant and can withstand even the toughest weather conditions, whether it’s rainy, stormy or snowy.

The C3TN is able to discern human shapes rather than other objects, so when a suspicious person is detected, the camera will quickly flash two dazzling spotlights¹ for on-site deterrence, as well as an immediate notification through EZVIZ App.

Furthermore, the C3TN Colour comes with a built-in noise-cancelling microphone, which can pick up crystal-clear audio in the surrounding area so users can see and hear what’s going on in the garden or front door at any time. No need to be concerned about storage space or network overload, too, as, with the advanced H.265 video compression technology, the camera achieves the same or even better video quality with only half the bandwidth and half the storage space required by the previous H.264 video compression standard.

Homeowners can secure any recorded videos on any local microSD card of up to 256 GB or, if preferred, subscribe to EZVIZ CloudPlay for fully encrypted cloud storage and extra peace of mind. EZVIZ is the only smart security brand to offer the option of local storage and a cloud-based storage solution so users can choose whether to subscribe or not.

EZVIZ – Where and how?

There’s no doubt a burglar alarm provides peace of mind when you are away from home. If you’re in the business of getting a security system and want further information on EZVIZ’s range of security systems, visit

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