The Passion Inside The Fair Lady Lotus Red from Emile Chouriet

The Passion Inside The Fair Lady Lotus Red from Emile Chouriet

Emile Chouriet embraces one of the world’s most iconic flowers with their latest luxury timepiece – the Fair Lady Lotus Red.

It is a nice change to the ‘norm’ to be able to feature a ladies watch. In an industry dominated by timepieces for men, it’s always a little bit of a surprise for a luxury ladies’ watch to come across our news desks.

This new piece comes courtesy of Emile Chouriet Geneve, a renowned Swiss watch brand able to trace its roots back to the 17th-century. One of the things we like about Emile Chouriet is you know what you’re getting, good-looking, reasonably priced and reliable timepieces.

The theme for the Fair Lady Lotus Red is as you’ve no doubt guessed, the lotus flower. In China, the lotus is a symbol of beauty, kindness and truth, making it an ideal subject matter.

Fair Lady Lotus Red dial

Without a doubt, this new timepiece is a looker. The combination of the red dial and diamonds means it will undoubtedly garner the right attention.

The Fair Lady Lotus Red displays the flower front and centre in the form of a three-dimensional motif on the dial. The dial is a deep red colour and darkens towards the edges producing a most pleasing effect. The hour markers are highly visible thanks to each one being made up from a single brilliant white diamond.

In keeping with the floral theme, the metal hands are designed to mimic leaves and are open to allow the dial to be appreciated fully.

Fair Lady Lotus Red from Emile Chouriet ladies timepiece

This is a perfectly proportioned timepiece having a stainless steel case measuring a tad over 29mm. It is complemented by a concave bezel and uniquely shaped lugs inlaid with red Swarovski crystals.

The watch comes with a black leather strap and is powered by a calibre EC5316 automatic movement with a power reserve of 38 hours when fully wound.

Fair Lady Lotus Red dial rear case and winder

The Emile Chouriet Fair Lady Lotus Red retails at 1’225.-CHF (excluding taxes and VAT). You can discover more at the watchmaker’s official website

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The Passion Inside The Fair Lady Lotus Red from Emile Chouriet 2


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