More than 1/3rd of University Students Find Long-lasting Love While Studying

More than 1/3rd of University Students Find Long-lasting Love While Studying

Where did you meet your match? Was it at University? In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, the leading student accommodation search platform, UniHomes, has conducted research to find out just how many have met a long-term love whilst at University, and they’ve found it to be a hotspot for long-lasting love.

Finding true love is far from easy. People frequently say that it comes down to “the right place, at the right time,” and based on some newly conducted research, a University certainly appears to be the right place. But, just how many find ‘the one’ whilst completing their studies?

On paper, a university seems the ideal location to find true love, as it is filled with people of similar ages and interests. There have been oft-told stories of people meeting their ‘sweethearts’ while studying, with some of these tales spawning iconic movies and novels, but is it rare?

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It seems that it is not; finding ‘the one’ at University is much more common than many would imagine. We do not doubt that the new research data released by UniHomes will get some young hearts racing and perhaps cause a parent or two to look for an opportunity to offer some considered words of advice to their siblings.

What the study revealed
A staggering 37% of those who have attended University in the last 50 years are still in a relationship with someone they met whilst there, with almost three-quarters (74%) saying they’d been with their uni lover for five years or more. From flatmates to course buddies, the data proved that having a shared education helped love blossom.

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The stats prove that love can be everlasting; however, one aspect that is particularly heartwarming is cupids bow is not only being directed at the younger generation. Incredibly, almost 1-in-5 (18%) of those finding love whilst studying were aged 65 and over!

When it comes to the romance written in the stars, it’s Cancers who are most likely to find their future partner at University, with half (52%) of those finding their sweetheart during their student years unveiled as June and July babies, followed by Gemini’s (46%) and Taurus’s (44%).

On the other hand, those born under the eleventh Zodiac sign Aquarius, known for being more independent, can look forward to love later in life, with just a quarter (25%) of those meeting their soulmates at University.

London, also known as the Big Smoke

The scores on the doors became even more interesting when broken down city by city. Showing that the Big Smoke is not only a melting pot for culture but also for love, students attending London universities are most likely to find their match whilst studying, with 49% of in-love respondents reporting they did their degrees in the capital.

Hannah Martin-Singh, Partnerships and Marketing Manager at UniHomes, commented, “It’s amazing to see how many relationships begin at University, and the results are further evidence of what a significant stage in your life your student years are. Such a high amount of people are meeting their long-term partners whilst studying, and it’s a great testament to the vibrancy of student life and its lasting impact.”

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More than 1/3rd of University Students Find Long-lasting Love While Studying 2

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