The First Luxury Four Seasons Yacht To Set Sail In 2025

The First Luxury Four Seasons Yacht To Set Sail In 2025

Simon Wittenberg takes a look at the debut of the Four Seasons Yacht, which will create exceptional experiences for guests in the yachting playgrounds of the Caribbean and the Mediterranean in its inaugural season.

Four Seasons, together with luxury yachting company Marc-Henry Cruise Holdings and Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri, have come together to bring the luxury Four Seasons experience to the seas.

The first vessel in the Four Seasons Yachts fleet will be taking to the water in late 2025, whilst a contract has also been signed for Fincantieri to deliver a second ship, worth in excess of €400 million, in late November 2026.

The first Four Seasons Yacht will feature custom-designed 95 suites, which each boast extensive terrace decks ranging from 100 square feet (9.3 square metres) for the deluxe suite to nearly 5,000 square feet (457 square metres) for the Funnel Suite, which will be the Yacht’s most spacious accommodation.

An aerial rendering of the ship sailing by a small island

It will comprise four different levels, granting more than 9,500 square feet (898 square metres) of combined indoor/outdoor living space, including a private wading pool and a dedicated private spa area, creating a sea-view home away from home.

This immense suite can be further expanded with vertical and horizontal connectivity, allowing guests to have one of the largest continuously connected living spaces at sea.

A rendering of the funnel view at night

The Funnel Suite’s iconic floor-to-ceiling wraparound curved glass window modules, made up of the largest contiguous piece of glass at sea, will offer stunning 280-degree panoramic views.

With the glass of the Funnel Suite costing a total of $4.5 million, this one-of-a-kind engineering innovation is nothing short of spectacular, from its steel web frame support structure, to its double glass thermal performance.

Another design first in the nautical world is the Yacht’s bespoke onboard transverse marina, enabling guests to have easy access to a world of water sports adventure filled with state-of-the-art water toys in ports that are traditionally exclusive to privately owned yachts.

Pushing the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship, the cutting-edge marina design brings expansive openings across the vessel from port to starboard, offering large platforms and tiered lounging decks on both sides to maximise light and sea views.

Outdoors, water sports enthusiasts will be able to take advantage of activities on the water, such as private and exclusive sailing, snorkelling and windsurfing. On the inside, an elegant lounge area outfitted with a stylish bar and dedicated al fresco seating areas will reveal panoramic ocean views.

Rentable custom-crafted sea limousines designed for transfers and coastal grand touring, along with a pair of beach landers, will also be part of the ship’s signature marina experience, accessible in most anchor ports. What’s more, a marina team will be on hand to ensure that guests receive the impeccable service that is synonymous with the Four Seasons marque.

An aerial rendering of the ship showing the swimming pool area

For those wanting to enjoy the sun from the pool deck, the canoe-aft deck will be furnished with a 20-metre (66-foot) pool, one of the largest at sea. It will serve as the bustling centre of the vessel and a social meeting point for guests who share an affinity for the refined, leisurely pace of yachting.

The salt-water pool is designed so that it can be quickly emptied, the floor raised and converted into a multi-function area for performances, fashion shows, and weddings, to name but a few options. This hydraulic lift design borrows inspiration from the classic 99-metre “Christina O” yacht from 1943, which also had many famous unique features.

The 2025/26 inaugural season will take in 33 countries and 137 unique destinations and will see yachting itineraries offered throughout winter and spring in the Caribbean. The Yacht will then return to the Mediterranean to cruise iconic yachting venues, spanning the French and Italian Rivieras to the Adriatic coastline and Greek Isles. The average journey will be seven days in duration.

A rendering of one of the interior spaces inside the ship

For those wishing to travel on the Yachts, this will be by invitation only, beginning with loyal Four Seasons guests and valued travel partners – rewarding their loyalty and commitment to the Four Seasons brand.

Four Seasons Yachts – Where and How?

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