Gaggenau’s Warming Drawers will Make you Feel Like a World-class Chef

A black Gaggenau Warming Drawer installed in a light oak kitchen unit

German brand Gaggenau launches its 200 and 400 series professional grade warming drawers. The appliances raise your home cooking preparation level to the highest standards, giving you versatility and convenience.

Professional home appliance brand Gaggenau has a long connection with renowned Chefs who advise on the design and production of precision equipment. The combining of knowledge has led to the German company manufacturing two new warming drawers, the 200 and 400 series.

Warming drawers are becoming a required piece of kitchen equipment amongst amateur cooks as they seek to imitate their favourite Chefs. It is no longer good enough just to put the oven on low heat and place items inside to warm through, be this plates or vegetables. Meticulously engineered and expertly crafted, the 200 and 400 from Gaggenau provide you with convenience when entertaining and the functionality a professional would expect.

A warming drawer installed in a kitchen island

There are many reasons Professional Chefs have been using warming drawers for years, especially for mass catering. The leading edge they give you is time both in preparing dishes and then time before serving.

The Gaggenau 200 and 400 series enables you to keep culinary delights ready to eat and servers, cups, plates, and other crockery warm. Potentially keeping everyone can calm during preparation and dinner.

The benefits of the 200 and 400 series warming drawers from Gaggenau:

A close up view of one of the drawers showing its display and options

Multifunctional models
The 200 and 400 series drawers have temperature controls that can be precisely selected in 10°c increments, increasing the functionality of the versatile appliances. Use the drawer to prove dough in ideal conditions and get the perfect rise if you bake. If you like to plan meals and have something ready for when you come home from work, place a casserole or ragu to slow cook to delicious perfection. The drawers are perfect if you need to heat leftovers for a late-night meal.

Precision controls
A sleek touch panel is revealed when the drawer opens and controls each culinary warming drawer. You can select the temperature yourself or use one of the four programs with pre-set temperatures. The programs are Heating Plates, Food Warming, Heating Cups and Slow Cooking.

Smart capabilities
Gaggenau has designed the 200 and 400 drawers to blend seamlessly with their other kitchen appliances. The brand has used all its experience and expertise to ensure the range of cookers function intelligently with the warming drawers and link via a Home Connect app. Using the App, you can do tasks such as setting a timer to end a program or adding a favourite setting to the drawer’s control panel. The app accesses additional programs and exclusive recipes so you can unlock even more of the drawers’ culinary capabilities.

Perfectly placed
The warming drawers complete the Gaggenau kitchen allowing you to put them under a combi-steam oven, an oven or combined in a bank of appliances with two drawers for ultimate flexibility or even under a microwave. The 140mm drawer is compact so that it can be slotted under a worktop, or you might site one on an island close to where you serve. Alternatively, a drawer adjacent to the coffee machine will ensure warmed cups are always conveniently to hand.

A bare metal coloured drawer, open with food inside being warmed

Sleek design
Available in a choice of finishes, the drawers sit alongside other Gaggenau appliances. Additionally, they can be clad in fascias to integrate seamlessly with the existing carpentry.

Gaggenau category manager, Simon Plumbridge, said, “We’re delighted to launch the upgraded Gaggenau 200 and 400 series warming drawers. Meticulously engineered and incredibly versatile, the drawers are a refined statement of minimalist style and bring multipurpose convenience to the modern kitchen. Whether they’re used to preheat a dinner for guests or to slow cook for tender results, the warming drawers will delight keen chefs with a true passion for gastronomy.”

The Gaggenau 400 series and 200 series culinary warming drawers are available in two heights: 140mm and 290mm.

About Gaggenau
Gaggenau is a German manufacturer of high-quality home appliances and is acknowledged as an innovation leader in design and technology.

Dating back to 1683, the brand has extensive expertise in its field and has revolutionised the domestic kitchen with its products which have an outstanding global reputation. The company’s success is based on technological innovation, straightforward design language, with high functionality. A subsidiary of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH in Munich since 1995, Gaggenau is currently represented in more than fifty countries with twenty-five flagship showrooms in major cities worldwide.

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Gaggenau's Warming Drawers will Make you Feel Like a World-class Chef 2

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