Garnier Shows People are Going Green To Save The Planet

Garnier Shows People are Going Green To Save The Planet

At Luxurious we care for the environment and this planet, I for one, am planting ten trees a year. Garnier, the major beauty product company, are doing their part with a range of new green, sustainable items. Their research has shown many of the population want to go green too.

Garnier held a survey in 2020 wanting to identify what issues are important to their buyers. This was held across eight countries, the results have now been gathered. In the UK, the response showed that people want to put the planet first over their personal needs.

Garnier’s One Green Step Report findings coincide with the announcement of a significant further commitment from the best-selling brand to labelling the environmental and social impact of all of Garnier’s haircare range – accessible to UK consumers online in the coming weeks.

Garnier Green Survey results

The report looks at the scale of the shift towards environmentally-focused resolutions in 2021. It suggests that 2020 was a significant wakeup call for many to take further green steps to protect our planet.

UK respondents who might/will make a New Years resolution revealed over half cite a reduction in their use of plastic products as number one green priority in 2021. Almost 75% want to be more sustainable. Over a quarter have already started to change their actions and behaviours because of this year’s pandemic.

Garnier’s Global Brand President, Adrien Koskas, comments, “This report proves that 2020 was a wakeup call to protect our planet. The research looks at 8 countries, across 4 continents and shows that 2020 has acted as a stark reminder that we all need to take steps towards a greener planet.”

“At Garnier, we are trying to take green steps to do just that – in 2020 we launched our end-to-end approach to sustainability – Green Beauty – which came with a wave of sustainable innovations, like our first-ever solid shampoo bar with zero plastic waste, reusable eco-pads for removing makeup, and this year 100% recycled and recyclable bottles in our Fructishaircare range. We hope to inform our consumers by publishing environmental impact scores of all our hair care products, launched in France and launching in the UK, US and Germany this year. The aim is to empower our consumers to take one green step by making a more sustainable choice.”

Garnier Micellar Reusable Eco Pads

In the UK, 73% want to be more sustainable in 2021. An ambition echoed across all the other countries spotlighted in the report. 78% US, 72% France, 65% Germany, 89% UAE and a significant 90% in India and Brazil and 94% Indonesia all agreeing it was a goal.

Asked why they think it would be easier to make a green resolution now than in previous years, 29% in the UK, said that Covid-19 made them re-evaluate their priorities. However, the most significant factor for enabling change was stated as brands now making it easier by offering more environmentally friendly packaging and more environmentally friendly products (34%). Notably, 42% of over 55-year-olds surveyed said the reason they were finding it easier to go green this year was that they now felt more knowledgeable about items available to them.

Giving consumers access to information is one of the major driving forces behind the publishing of the environmental and social impact of all Garnier haircare products, available to UK consumers for the first time in the coming weeks via the Garnier website, with the aim of empowering and informing people to help them make a more sustainable choice.

Product environmental and social impact scores will consider 14 planetary impact factors such as greenhouse gas emissions, water scarcity, ocean acidification or impact on biodiversity. The scores given range from A to E – A being the lowest impact in the category. As one of the world’s biggest mass-market brands which produce 1.8 billion products a year, Garnier is hoping the rollout of this industry-leading labelling system will have a widespread consumer awareness effect.

Ultimate Blends Shampoo Bar

In November 2020 Garnier became the first major brand to launch solid shampoo bars in their Ultimate Blends range with zero plastic waste. Other innovations have included Garnier SkinActive reusable Eco-Pads: zero waste pads for makeup removal and Garnier Organic, a range of organic skincare in fully recycled and recyclable bottles.

I know from having nieces and nephews at University age, that recycling and green issues are important to them. The girls will be happy to see that Garnier has created reusable pads and a more environmentally friendly way of shampooing your hair. Doing away with plastic bottles in the process. I hope to see more brands, using imagination and new technology to go green.

  • Shampoo bars £7.99
  • Eco pads £8.99

Survey results at a glance:

  • 73% of respondents want to be more sustainable in 2021
  • Of those who said the last year has made them think differently about their behaviours almost half agree 2020 was a wakeup call to protect the environment.
  • Nearly three times as many resolving to take action to help the planet than give up alcohol
  • Over half of those intending to make an environmental/sustainability resolution say a reduction in their use of plastic products is their #1 green priority in 2021
  • 82% are more hopeful 2021 will be a more positive year than 2020

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