New Gira Cube Motion Detector – Great Looks and Tech in One Package

Exploring What the New Gira Cube Motion Detector Offers

The new Gira Cube Motion Detector has some very interesting features and looks great.  Could it be one of those must-have products that satisfy the increased need for safety-led home technology?

With many around the world spending time at home, people have had the opportunity to start making some of the home improvements that have sat on a must-do list for the past few years. In times of uncertainty, home security is always an area that people pay more attention to.

There are 1000s of lighting security products on the market, so is the new Gira Cube Motion Detector one that you should be considering?

Although we haven’t had the opportunity yet to test it first-hand, we can provide an overview of what it offers.

About the Gira Cube Motion Detector
The Gira Cube has some excellent features that differentiate it from other ‘run of the mill’ security light systems, namely, it can detect and respond to changes in ambient light and thermal motion. It will also monitor a property’s exterior lighting and then automatically switch on when ambient brightness and thermal motion from a passer-by is identified. Due to an exclusive combination of precision sensors, the new Gira Cube motion detector also minimises energy waste by only illuminating when necessary. It will not turn on in response to a gust of wind or torrential rain which is ideal given the changeable weather we have in the UK.

The new Gira Cube Motion Detector

The Gira Cube Motion Detector has a nice, clean geometric look and is designed to complement both modern and classic architecture. It’s available in two finishes, Pure White Glossy and Anthracite; the Gira Cube presents a universal style and thanks to its protection class IP54, this new motion detector is safe against dust and splashes of water, so bad weather shouldn’t be an issue.

In addition to its eye-pleasing design, the Gira Cube motion detector can be adjusted to suit a range of diverse home-environments from a narrow passageway to an expansive outdoor space. Its 120 degrees detection angle makes it ideal for confined spaces and for areas requiring an extra-wide range, the new Gira Cube can broaden the angle all the way up to 240 degrees, so nothing escapes ‘The Cube’. It is supplied with a discreet covering panel that enables the observation radius to be altered very simply, yet retain its good-look.

The new Gira Cube motion detector is designed for use with a KNX System or through conventional installation, all thanks to its flexible mounting system that supports exterior and interior application on both walls and ceilings. When installed as part of a Gira KNX system, the new Gira Cube can be fully integrated into any lighting units already in-situ.

The new Gira Cube motion detector is designed for use with a KNX System
The new Gira Cube motion detector is designed for use with a KNX system.

There is also the option to provide end-users with adaptable lighting control where they can opt for a long or short lighting duration. This involves an ‘off delay’ function that extends illumination time from five seconds up to 15 minutes; the homeowner can even select up to two hours of continuous Light if they wanted to.

Mark Booth, Managing Director at Gira UK says, “With the increased demand for flexible solutions that secure the home and increase functionality, we hope to accommodate this surge in the marketplace with the new Gira Cube motion detector out now.

The traditional market for home security and outdoor lighting has evolved quickly, and I am pleased to say, moved on from just constantly leaving the lights on as an acceptable security measure: not only is this a waste of energy, but it will increase utility bills and impact the carbon footprint of a property. A great example of utility design, the new Gira Cube is an ideal gateway product for demonstrating what can be achieved with the latest efficient, high-design lighting solutions for inside and out of the smart home.”

Gira Cube motion detector – Where and how?

You can experience all of the new 2020 products and applications by Gira, along with the company’s new brand identity by visiting

Gira will launch a number of additional security systems and solutions for 2020/2021, all of which will debut at the autumn edition of Light + Building Frankfurt in September.

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