Godiva Chocolates Introduces A Giant Sized Wow For Easter

Godiva Chocolates Introduces A Giant Sized Wow For Easter
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When it comes to chocolate, things can never be too big or too spectacular, a great example of this is the ‘eye-popping’ Atelier Giant Easter Egg by Godiva Chef Chocolatier, Jean Apostolou

Godiva's Chef Chocolatier, Jean Apostolou
Godiva’s Chef Chocolatier, Jean Apostolou

As a semi-professional chocolate fan and an avid consumer, I’m always excited at this time of the year to see what the finest Chocolatiers are creating for Easter. When it comes to spectacular, one of the ‘shoo-ins’ for things to make you say wow will always come courtesy of the 90-year-old Belgian chocolate makers, Godiva.

This year, Godiva Chocolates have once again unveiled a spectacular Easter Egg Collection (see gallery above), however, none is more impressive than the Atelier Giant Easter Egg by Godiva’s Chef Chocolatier, Jean Apostolou.

Jean Apostolou, knows that not all Easter eggs are created equal. His handmade and lovingly created Atelier eggs showcase his absolute mastery of the discipline to produce the most sophisticated Easter eggs money can buy. Following last year’s stunning Atelier Easter Egg in Harrods, Godiva and Jean has recreated ten in-store showpiece eggs, together with 200 strictly limited-edition, smaller, but no less perfect versions for sale in its most exclusive outlets.

Large and small versions of the Atelier Easter Egg by Godiva Chocolates
Large and small versions of the Atelier Easter Egg by Godiva Chocolates

The inspiration for Chef Jean’s 2016 Atelier Giant Easter Egg was one of Belgium’s finest exports – Belgian Lace. The delicate patterning consisted of the very finest white, milk and dark chocolate. This chocolate artwork, which can be seen on one side of the egg took four painstaking hours. To create the Belgian lace effect, each one of the layers was applied with a very steady hand using a piping bag. The other side of the egg was sprayed with milk chocolate. The two halves are then secured with Godiva’s dark chocolate carrés.

Godiva takes chocolate making very seriously, sourcing cocoa beans direct from the farmers in countries as far-flung as Africa, Central & South America, and parts of Asia. Unlike some other well-known brands that I will not mention that rely heavily on artificial flavors and preservatives, when you’re tasting Godiva’s Belgian chocolate, you’re tasting chocolate made from the highest quality ingredients.

It’s the creaminess in the products that I like, brought about by using Grade A dairy butter, a well-honed cocoa liquor and good quality heavy cream, which tastes even better when formed into a gorgeous shape.

Godiva Chocolates 2016 Easter Egg Collection – Where and how

The ten 66cm tall showpiece Atelier Easter Eggs, (weighing in at over 14kg) will be displayed in key Godiva stores including Regent Street, Harrods and Selfridges, together with a handful of Godiva stores in Brussels. The two hundred smaller Atelier eggs standing 20cm tall will also take pride of place in these prestigious stores.

Fellow chocolate lovers looking can but the eggs now, the large showcase Easter egg costs £1000 and the smaller version £180.

Products in the 2016 Easter Collection can be found at Godiva stores or via the website: www.godivachocolates.co.uk

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