The Hypnos Origins Organic Collection is a ‘Sustainable First’ for the UK

The Hypnos Organic Collection Becomes a 'Sustainable First' for the UK

Luxury British bed and mattress maker, Hypnos, has launched the Origins Organic Collection, comprising six beautifully handcrafted, organically designed and supremely comfortable mattresses specially curated to celebrate sleep and well-being.

Hypnos is a British family-run mattress and bed manufacturer whose tagline is ‘the most comfortable beds in the world’. The company is the proud holder of a royal warrant and has been making luxury pocket spring mattresses via its master craftsmen since the Edwardian Days.

Known internationally for creating supremely comfortable products with exquisite attention to detail, it has just announced the launch of a new collection, which also holds the distinction of being a first in the UK. The new collection is called the Origins Organic Collection, and in this feature, we look at what it consists of, and what it is that makes it so unique.

The Organic coastal mattress

About the new collection
The Hypnos Origins Organic Collection has been designed with natural comfort, provenance and authenticity at its heart and each mattress in the collection is endorsed by the Eden Project and certified organic by the Soil Association Certification.

The mattresses in the collection are all made with Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) certified organic fibres, which include wool and lambswool from British-certified farms and the finest organic and ethically sourced materials from across the globe, such as peace silk and natural latex.

A point to note is Hypnos is the only bed manufacturer in the UK to have this prestigious combination of certification and endorsements, making it one of the finest bed collections that have been handmade in the country.

Each of these six sumptuous mattresses is individually made in the heart of Buckinghamshire and meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans using traditional techniques passed down through the generations.

With a plush pillow top and seasonal turn and no turn options, each mattress is designed to provide unique support and luxurious comfort and comes in a choice of medium or firm tension.

An optional deeply filled Organic loose Comfort Layer enhances the sumptuous feel and cushioned support. This layer can be refreshed and secured to the mattress with attractive leather lace ties.

Two images showing the leather detailing on the mattresses

The collection also features British-made pocket springs, wool tufts, and beautifully tooled leather detailing from workshops in England.

These traceable materials are expertly combined with traditional skills and craftsmanship to create this collection of supremely comfortable, luxurious mattresses.

A bed dressed in a botanical theme

In addition, Hypnos has partnered with Abraham Moon & Sons, a traditional British company that makes luxury wool fabrics skilfully woven in the UK for some of the finest fashion houses and interior designers, to offer an exclusive selection of artisanal fabrics for its stylish headboards and divans.

They also share many of Hypnos’ sustainable values with all of their wool, responsibly sourced through traceable and certified supply chains.

A bed with one of the new organic mattresses and a material headboard

Richard Naylor, Group Sustainable Development Director at Hypnos, said, “The development of these organic mattresses, sourcing fibres and working with the Soil Association and the Eden Project has been a rewarding journey.

The result is a discerning collection which appeals aesthetically and ethically to consumers and enhances well-being thanks to its organic and chemical-free materials.

“To produce organic fibres takes time and attention to detail. Farmers work with nature to encourage better yields and create better soil health, biodiversity, and happier, healthier animals. In fact, farmers must be organic for two years before they can claim organic status, so organic farming truly is a test of passion and knowledge.

This attention to detail is so important to us and why we’ve worked closely with the Soil Association Certification for over a year to certify the collection, from sourcing the fibres to having a dedicated approach to making the Organic mattresses at Hypnos’ workshops. Certification such as this assures homeowners that what they buy is truly organic and better for the environment.

A close up view of one of the wool tufts

“At Hypnos, we’ve been committed to sustainability for over a decade, believing sleep shouldn’t cost the Earth, and that’s just one of the reasons why we’ve carefully curated this collection, with a focus on creating an organic product that’s more widely available to homeowners and beneficial for the environment. Indeed, we’re incredibly passionate when it comes to sustainable design and business operations.

Whether that’s creating nature-based circular beds using only sustainable, ethically sourced materials so that our mattresses can be completely recycled at the end of their life and need never go to the landfill, to the use of renewable natural resources and carbon offsetting programmes. Creating sustainable beds that offer supreme comfort, style, and design is our lifeblood and something we’re really proud to deliver.”

One of the beds in an farmhouse style setting

Endorsed by the Eden Project, Hypnos’ sustainability partner, this collection celebrates the relationship with the natural world to offer a truly luxurious, ethical, and sustainable sleep experience.

A charitable donation from the sale of each mattress is made to the Eden Project to help combat climate change and provide care within the community.

To find more information about the Hypnos Origins Organic Collection and to see a list of retailers, visit

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The Hypnos Origins Organic Collection is a 'Sustainable First' for the UK 2

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