iCandy Peach Ride-on Board Make Transporting Babies and Toddlers Easy

iCandy Launches Innovative and Futureproof Peach Ride-on Board

An exciting new addition to an iconic pushchair, the highly anticipated iCandy Peach Ride-on Board is an innovative accessory that enables parents to transport a baby and toddler with ease. A fuss-free solution for tired little legs!

Experts in the integrated pushchair Ride-on Board, for the first time, iCandy has created a detachable accessory which will give parents with an iCandy Peach the option to carry a second child on the pushchair frame.

The iCandy Peach, now in its 6th generation, boasts the ability to convert from a single to a double pushchair while maintaining a single footprint, offering an unparalleled level of flexibility and comfort.

Now, thanks to the Ride-on Board, another configuration joins this futureproof pushchair. The optional addition of the Ride-on Board accessory is an ideal choice for parents with a second child who no longer requires a pushchair seat but still needs assistance on long family days out.

The Peach Ride-on Board is surprisingly sturdy. It is able to hold up to 20kg. Once attached to the pushchair, the chassis provides an anti-slip platform upon which a young child can stand securely and safely within the handlebar space.

iCandy Peach Ride-on Board Make Transporting Babies and Toddlers Easy

The secure addition maintains the footprint of the pushchair, and thanks to its elegant silhouette, which follows the iconic curves of the iCandy pushchair frame, it does not have to be removed in order to fold the pushchair.

Comfort for parents is a key consideration with the Peach Ride-on Board, and its compact design means it won’t impact stride or brake access. The fuss-free nature of the Ride-on Board does not compromise the experience of the child either and is big enough for a toddler to stand on comfortably.

iCandy’s new Ride-on Board is compatible with Peach models from 2018 and beyond, including the Peach All-Terrain (4-wheel mode only), the Peach Designer Collection Cerium and iCandy for Land Rover.

iCandy and Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital

iCandy supports Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. The relationship with GOSH is one of which the brand is extremely proud, with all fundraising endeavours going towards raising money for the charity.

Please see iCandy’s Just Giving page for more information. https://www.justgiving.com/company/iCandy

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