Inside the IYASU Luxury Vegan Medical Bags for Women in Healthcare

Scottish GP Quits Job to Create Luxury Vegan Medical Bags for Women in Healthcare

Catherine Fernando, a Scottish GP and a mum of four, took a temporary hiatus from her full-time medical career after being frustrated by the lack of practical, stylish bags for female workers. Instead of waiting for someone else to come up with a solution, she decided to take matters into her own hands by launching her own collection under the brand name IYASU.

Taking time away from a hugely-responsible job that takes years of training to get into in the first place is not the easiest of things to do. However, GP Catherine Fernando felt it had to be done after seeing the poor choice of medical bags for healthcare workers.

Catherine knew she had a solution, so she set up a company, which she called IYASU, which appropriately is the Japanese word for “to heal”.

Using her first-hand knowledge of the healthcare industry, she has launched a range of bags that not only meet the needs of current health professionals; they are also very stylish too.

A photograph of Catherine with her family and another of her in her healthcare uniform

She said, “I am thrilled to introduce IYASU Medical Bags to the healthcare community. These bags have been meticulously designed to address the specific challenges faced by medical professionals, allowing them to carry and organise their equipment with ease and efficiency. The goal is to empower healthcare providers and enhance patient care through innovative solutions.”

Some of the features of the IYASU Medical Bags include:

Superior Organisation: The bags incorporate a comprehensive compartmentalised system, allowing healthcare professionals to organise and access their medical supplies efficiently.

An image showing inside a red coloured version of the Elizabeth bag

With designated slots and pockets for different equipment, healthcare providers can quickly locate and retrieve the necessary tools, saving valuable time during critical situations.

Sustainable and Durable: Constructed from recycled materials and high-quality vegan leather, IYASU Medical Bags are built to withstand the demanding nature of healthcare environments whilst being sustainably sourced. The bags are water-resistant, providing an additional layer of protection for delicate medical equipment to ensure that they remain in optimal condition.

Ergonomic Design: IYASU has carefully considered the ergonomic needs of healthcare professionals when designing these bags. They are engineered to provide optimal comfort during transport, with features such as padded shoulder straps and handles, allowing users to carry the bags effortlessly and comfortably.

Versatility: IYASU Medical Bags come in various sizes and configurations, catering to the diverse requirements of healthcare professionals across different specialist areas.

A black coloured Virginia bag on a white background

Stylish and Professional Aesthetics: IYASU Medical Bags excel in functionality and exude professionalism. With sleek and modern designs, these bags reflect the commitment of healthcare providers to deliver superior care while maintaining a polished appearance.

Catherine with her family in the garden

With the business launched and her practical and stylish range of bags for medical professionals in the marketplace, Catherine, who can best be described as a ‘superwoman’, has returned to her role as a doctor, and she is doing this whilst running her business and being a wife and a mother of four. – Catherine Fernando, “I doff my hat to you!”

IYASU Medical Bags – Where and how?

IYASU Medical Bags have been designed to suit the needs of healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, paramedics, and allied healthcare providers. In addition, they are also ideal for medical students and home healthcare providers who require a reliable and organised storage solution for their medical supplies.

Inside the IYASU Luxury Vegan Medical Bags for Women in Healthcare 3

The bags are made with vegan leather and range in price from £275 for the Elizabeth bag (above) to £330 for the Patricia bag. To see the full IYASU Medical Bags range to make a purchase, please visit

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Inside the IYASU Luxury Vegan Medical Bags for Women in Healthcare 4

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