Experiencing History at the Jameson Single Pot Still Whiskey Launch in Dublin

Experiencing History at the Jameson Single Pot Still Whiskey Launch in Dublin

History is so important to learn from, and Jameson Irish Whiskey has poured its history into every bottle of its new single pot still edition. Looking back to the origins of the company’s distilling, Kevin O’Gorman and Deirdre O’Carroll sought the DNA of the first Jameson Whiskey to produce a new legacy. Jeremy Webb was invited to Dublin for the launch of this special whiskey.

In a grand Georgian building in the centre of Dublin, I was treated to an unforgettable experience. History flowed around me as Carol Quinn, Head of Archives, Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard, talked about the company’s origins. It was an ideal location as Andrew Jameson, Great Grandson of John Jameson, the Founder of the company, had lived in the building just a short distance from his Distillery at Bow Street.

She explained the essence of Jameson whiskey and how the initial spirit built the empire that John’s sons continued. The company has grown and created many whiskies over decades, but a decision was made three years ago to return to the heart of what Jameson made in 1780.

The glasses of whiskey on a linen covered table ready to be tasted

In intimate groups, I and some other guests of Jameson’s entered a small tasting area where we were introduced to the components of the Single Pot Still expression. Five glasses in front of each of us had samples of whiskey, which all had unique properties to add to the blend. Under the expert guidance of Kevin O’Gorman, we were told what each sample was, their characteristics and how these were obtained. The combination of all five oak cask spirits produces the smooth Single Pot Still edition we then tasted.

The Jameson Single Pot Still has aromas of nutmeg and cinnamon spices entwined with sweet honeycomb, salted caramel and rich toasted oak. You get the complementing earthy woodland notes with ripe fruits as the pot still spices develop over time. The Nose also comprises zesty fruit notes which linger behind butterscotch, vanilla and dairy fudge. Especially enjoyable for me as these are three ingredients I love.

You can taste spicy toffee, ground cinnamon, rich dark chocolate, orange peel, and grated ginger. Fresh and seasoned oak combine to add intricate, layered smoked wood tones with delicate tannins, which balance with the pot still’s silky texture.

A bottle of the whiskey on a wooden block surrounded by items from the historic property where the launch took place

The Single Pot Still finishes with delicate fruits fading to spices and then lingering with oak—a smooth Whiskey which is exceptionally drinkable.

Kevin O’Gorman, Master Distiller, Irish Distillers and Deirdre O’Carroll, Blender, Irish Distillers, have harked back to John’s original whiskey with their creation of the Single Pot Still expression. It All Comes Back To This is the ethos of the Jameson Single Pot Still Whiskey, as the brand keeps the DNA of what John Jameson started in Dublin in 1780 at his Bow street distillery.

Kevin has crafted the new Single Pot Still expression from a mash bill of malted and unmalted barley before being triple distilled for a rich, unmistakable taste experience. Ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks are used for maturing the Single Pot Still while introducing the subtle flavour contribution of three different types of Virgin oak casks.

These casks are sourced from Ireland, Europe and America and the maturation results in a complex spirit with a smooth and spicy harmony of aromas and flavours. The ex-sherry casks and ex-bourbon casks bring notes of vanilla and fudge, with elements of sweetness in the form of dried fruits—the three types of virgin oak cask hint at toasted oak and elevated woodland spices.

A bottle of the whiskey next to a freshly made cocktail at the barKevin O’Gorman, Master Distiller at Irish Distillers, said, “We are delighted with the release of Jameson Single Pot Still. It has been an honour and a joy to work on rebuilding a traditional Jameson expression with an innovative twist and bringing a new member into the Jameson family.

“While crafting this whiskey, the team at Midleton Distillery worked hard to find the exact balance and flavour profile for our finished product.

We wanted to showcase the quintessential notes of the single pot still style by blending the familiar ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks before bringing a new dimension with the introduction of the virgin oak casks.”

Deirdre O’Carroll, Blender, adds: “Through some trial and error along the way, working with different prototypes and flavour combinations, we found the right balance for our Jameson Single Pot Still.

We have created a robust and spicy whiskey by single pot still’s nature but also intriguingly complex and bearing the trademark Jameson smoothness. We couldn’t be more proud of the results.”

Jameson kindly put us up in the beautiful, characterful Fitzwilliam Dublin Hotel for the launch of its new Single Pot Still Whiskey. It was 5 Star accommodation in the heart of the city, ideal for exploring all Dublin offers. The hotel is beautifully decorated and provides superb, friendly service and food, and it was just a short distance from Andrew Jameson’s house.

Two of the distillery's historic bottles

The Jameson Bow Street Distillery was famed worldwide for its single pot still whiskey during the 19th century. From Europe to Africa and South America, it was synonymous with Irish Whiskey but tastes changed, and so did Jameson’s approach. Late in the 20th century, the brand switched to a blended whiskey making it more accessible and attractive to larger audiences. Returning to its history and Jameson DNA, the brand made the exciting decision to recreate its signature single pot still whiskey three years ago. You can now enjoy drinking that history with the new Single Pot Still expression.

Jameson Single Pot Still Whiskey – Where and How?

Bottled at 46% ABV, Jameson Single Pot Still whiskey is priced at RRP €60 per 700ml bottle and is available in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Dublin Airport, the UK, Brand Homes and Jameson online.

Jameson is working hard towards sustainability and recognises the need to replenish the trees they use in production, so they plant twelve oak trees for every one tree felled.

About Irish Distillers
Ireland’s leading supplier of spirits and wines, Irish Distillers, produces some of the world’s most renowned and successful Irish whiskeys. Jameson is the lead brand, and along with other brands, they are driving the success of Irish whiskey globally. Jameson is the world’s fastest-growing Irish whiskey, selling 10.4 million cases in FY22. Irish Distillers brands are exported to 130+ markets worldwide, with many of those experiencing double-or triple-digit growth. Formed in 1966, Irish Distillers was a merger between John Power & Son, John Jameson & Son and Cork Distilleries Company.

Pernod Ricard took Irish Distillers into its group in 1988, giving it opportunities for colossal investment and extensive networks for distribution. Irish Distillers employs over eight hundred people in Dublin and Cork and has invested €250m since 2012 in expanding production and bottling.

For more information about the Jameson Single Pot Still Whiskey, the company, and its range of products, visit www.jamesonwhiskey.com.

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Experiencing History at the Jameson Single Pot Still Whiskey Launch in Dublin 2

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