It’s Sun-Kissed Glamour for Jimmy Choo’s High Summer 2021 Collection

It's Sun-Kissed Glamour for Jimmy Choo's High Summer 2021 Collection

When it comes to ladies shoes and fashion accessories, one of the brand’s sitting right at the top of the tree is Jimmy Choo. The globally renowned fashion brand has unveiled its High Summer 2021 collection, and Ong Chin Huat couldn’t wait to cast his fashion-focused eyes over it.

Inspired by the laidback vibe of Miami, Jimmy Choo’s 2021 High Summer collection is a play in contrasts – soft colours with sharp silhouettes, feminine details combined with unusual materials.

Bags and shoes in Jimmy Choo's High Summer 2021 collection

The coastal metropolis of Miami is famed for its Art Deco architecture and its heady combination of sophistication and casual nonchalance. This city by the sea is the perfect inspiration and backdrop for Jimmy Choo’s summer shoes.

For summer 2021, Jimmy Choos has introduced a beautiful collection of footwear and accessories and below are some of my highlights.

A pair of Bay Strappy Sandals in white

The Bay strappy sandal padded in soft Nappa leather wraps around like ropes, caressing the feet, while the Ocean sandal (below) is a play on asymmetry, with sculptural leather enfolding the feet and glass beading differing on the right and left feet.

The Ocean sandals from the 2021 collection

The Art Sandals features an 85-mm block heel made from lucite, which sparkles like a jewel.

“High summer to me is about sun, sea and blue sky – an escape, to have fun and not be weighed down.

Model sat on a scooter holding and wearing items from the 2021 collectionI wanted to drown myself with heat, be uplifted by colours and a sense of freedom, which naturally led me to Miami,” says Jimmy Choo’s Creative Director Sandra Choi.

She added, “Unlike anywhere else in the world, it’s an incredibly exciting city with a dose of sophistication and a vibrant art deco scene.

We were thinking about fusing all of those ideas through unexpected finishes, a sensuality in shape, from day through to evening, and warmth in colour.

This collection is about pleasure and enjoyment, feeling the heat and being sun-kissed.”

A refreshing mood full of brio and excitement pervades this collection. Women are in the mood to cast away the doom and gloom of the past and go out to have fun again.

They are celebrating freedom, sensuality and glamour and where else but Miami would any fashionista be able to do that?

And it’s not just shoes that steal the limelight at Jimmy Choo’s. Bags and clutches play a pivotal role, too, such as the Bon Bon evening bag, which manages to catch the last rays of the day with its glistening crystals in ombrés sunset tones.

It's Sun-Kissed Glamour for Jimmy Choo's High Summer 2021 Collection 7

Another highlight is the Mini Paris Micro bag which catches the eye in a multitude of materials and finishes – from glitter, Animaux jacquards and glossy fabrications.

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The Tropica Flat sandals from the 2021 collectionIt's Sun-Kissed Glamour for Jimmy Choo's High Summer 2021 Collection 8


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