Discover the Benefits of Algae with Juice Plus+ Plant-based Omega+ Blend

Discover the Benefits of Algae with the Juice Plus+ Plant-based Omega+ Blend

Leanne Kelsall gets the lowdown from the experts at Juice Plus+ on their new Omega supplement. Sustainability-sourced and 100% plant-based – it’s one of the only Omega blends made with vegans and vegetarians in mind.

You’ve probably heard of Omegas, but did you know they have several health benefits? Regular consumption has been shown to boost the health of the general population and especially those who do sports.

We spoke to the experts at Juice Plus+, which is a forward-thinking nutrition company. They told us, “Omega 3 fatty acids, in particular DHA and EPA, have long been studied and shown to provide benefits in many areas of health, like the brain, vision and heart*.”

Your body can’t make this essential fatty acid, so you have to get it from your diet, specifically by eating fish. The NHS advises two portions a week, one of which should be an oily fish.

In practice, this can be difficult, especially for vegans and vegetarians.

Taking an Omega supplement can be a quick and convenient way to increase your intake. However, a quick look online will show you most supplements contain fish oil from anchovies or sardines and some kind of gelatine – beef or fish.

That’s no good if you’re vegan or vegetarian.

That’s where Juice Plus+ comes in.

Leanne pouring the algae capsules into her hand

Juice Plus+ Essentials Omega+ Blend is 100% plant-based. The secret ingredient is algae.

“Fish actually get the Omega 3’s from algae, and there are more and more products available that provide what is arguably the best natural source of Omega 3 fatty acids – quick, easy and sustainable.”

Juice Plus+ adds, “The Omega+ Blend is a vegan, plant-based blend of omega fatty acids including Omega 7 from sea buckthorn berries and Omega 9 from safflower seeds plus, Vitamin D from algae, Zinc, lutein from marigolds, and lycopene from tomatoes along with the star of the show, the Omega 3 DAH and EPA from algae.”

“Our products help you bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat, with added nutrition from a wide variety of plant-based and whole food-based ingredients.”

Getting Omega 3 from algae is kinder on the planet, too.

“Most omega 3 supplements derive from fish oil; however, the plant-based Juice Plus+ Essentials Omega+ Blend has been developed with a mix of algae (the original source of the OMEGA-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA), sea buckthorn, and safflower seeds. So, there’s nothing fishy about this formula.

Not only is it a more sustainable alternative to fish oil, but it also contains no piscine taste or smell – the Omega+ blend is born vegan, taken from the original source.”

The even better news is that the Omega+ Blend is sustainably sourced and produced: “Juice Plus+ is committed to doing good for the Earth and the people who live on it. To support that, we focus on plant-based nutrition and work with companies that ensure that ethical practices are being used in all of their processes.

From only using algae grown in controlled vessels so as not to contaminate the ocean or participate in overfishing to working to improve the lives of local indigenous cultures who grow and harvest the produce, The Juice Plus+ Company is focused on the future.”

Two of the capsules in the palm of Leanne's hand

I’ve been taking the Omega+ Blend for a couple of weeks. Although it’s a little too early to notice any significant health changes, taking the supplement has been totally hassle-free.

They’re easy to swallow, thanks to the shape and coating. Unlike a lot of other Omega supplements on the market, there’s no fishy aftertaste, and they’re flavourless.

I had no stomach issues either, whereas other capsules have sometimes caused me some heartburn.

Overall I feel peace of mind consuming these supplements, knowing they’re kinder to the planet than most other brands I’ve looked at.

If you’re serious about getting goodness from Omegas, you can get the Omega+ Blend on a subscription which works out better value in the long run.

Juice Plus+ Essentials Omega+ Blend – Where & How?

Juice Plus+ offers a subscription service for their Juice Plus+ Omega+ Blend. You can pay £41 a month for four months or make a one-off payment of £164 for a four-month supply. Each box contains two bottles of the blend, each holding 120 capsules.

For more information, go to the Juice Plus+ Essentials Omega+ Blend webpage.


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