Kanesaka Hong Kong by Chef Shinji Kanesaka Opens in CCB Tower, Central

Kanesaka Hong Kong by Chef Shinji Kanesaka Opens in CCB Tower, Central

Kanesaka Hong Kong, the highly anticipated restaurant by renowned Japanese chef Shinji Kanesaka, operated in partnership with Lai Sun Dining, is now open in CCB Tower, Central, Hong Kong.

Building upon the success of its flagship, the two Michelin-starred Ginza Sushi Kanesaka in Tokyo, Kanesaka Hong Kong brings an authentic Edomae sushi dining experience to the heart of Central.

Kanesaka Hong Kong by Chef Shinji Kanesaka Opens in CCB Tower, Central 3

Headed by Chef Seiji Taniguchi, formerly of Sushi Kanesaka’s Tokyo Palace Hotel branch, Kanesaka Hong Kong captures guests’ imaginations with its unwavering commitment to preserving Edomae sushi traditions and sourcing the freshest ingredients.

Hong Kong expands his influence beyond Japan, proudly showcasing his dedication to Edomae sushi craftsmanship and uncompromising quality. Located on the 5th floor of CCB Tower in Central, Kanesaka Hong Kong sets itself apart by offering an intimate setting for a maximum of only 20 guests (8 guests at the main counter, four guests at the private counter and eight guests in the private dining room).

The design of the space effortlessly combines sophistication and tradition, providing the perfect backdrop for an extraordinary and intimate culinary journey.

A freshly prepared traditional fish dish

Signature menus at Kanesaka Hong Kong
Kanesaka Hong Kong is dedicated to providing a traditional omakase dining experience where sushi takes centre stage.

Guests can choose to indulge in three omakase-style menu options:

Lunch Nigiri Set (HK$2,000+10% per person)
Indulge in a delightful lunch experience that features two starters, twelve pieces of sushi, soup, and dessert.

A sample seasonal menu includes a variety of exquisite dishes, including Hokkaido hairy crab topped with caviar and served with ponzu jelly, boiled Japanese octopus accompanied by Japanese mustard, tuna and spring onion soup, and sushi such as flounder, striped jack, botan shrimp, horse mackerel, fatty tuna, and sea urchin. The meal ends with the Chef’s signature maki and dessert.

Lunch Omakase (HK$2,800+10% per person)
Elevate your lunchtime with a splendid selection of six starters, eight pieces of sushi, soup, and dessert. A sample seasonal menu includes starters such as aka uni, steamed abalone, black throat sea perch steamed with sake (below), and marinated salmon roe, followed by sushi courses, chef’s maki, tamago, tuna soup and homemade ice cream to conclude.

The black throat sea perch steamed with sake dish

Dinner Omakase (HK$3,500+10% per person)
Immerse yourself in an exquisite dinner affair featuring seven starters, twelve pieces of sushi, soup, and dessert. The most decadent menu available at Kanesaka Hong Kong, available exclusively for dinner, features appetisers such as the coveted whelk shell sashimi and flounder sashimi, followed by special sushi courses such as sardine, shiro-ebi, and sea eel.

The menu concludes with a luscious seasonal Japanese dessert and refreshing homemade ice cream.

Introducing Head Chef Seiji Taniguchi

The Chef in the kitchen
Chef Seiji Taniguchi.

Seiji Taniguchi, the Head Sushi Chef at Kanesaka Hong Kong, has experienced an impressive journey in the world of sushi. Despite starting in the makeup industry, his true passion for cooking was ignited during his childhood, cooking alongside his mother.

With extensive training at Sushi Kanesaka’s branch in Tokyo Palace Hotel, working alongside the revered Chef Kikuchi Shunsuke, a hand-selected protégé of Chef Shinji Kanesaka, Taniguchi has become a master of sushi creation, particularly excelling in handling aged ingredients.

Now in Hong Kong, he combines local and imported Japanese ingredients to create visually stunning and delicious sushi dishes while applying his unique skills to adapt to seafood import protocols.

Taniguchi’s philosophy focuses on achieving a perfect balance of taste and aesthetics, making each piece of sushi a work of art.

Kanesaka Hong Kong’s guarantee of safe seafood products
At Kanesaka Hong Kong, the well-being of guests is of utmost importance. In response to concerns over the Fukushima treated wastewater release and the subsequent ban on seafood imports from certain prefectures in Japan, the restaurant assures its patrons that none of their fresh seafood is sourced from or around the affected Fukushima region.

A piece of fish being expertly prepared for consumption

Emphasising its commitment to safety and quality, Kanesaka Hong Kong diligently selects seafood from reputable suppliers.

A comprehensive list of fresh seafood items sourced from various regions in Japan can be provided upon request, ensuring that guests can enjoy a safe and exceptional dining experience. The restaurant maintains a vigilant monitoring system to guarantee the safety and quality of ingredients, upholding the highest standards of food safety for valued patrons.

Kanesaka’s Wine, Beer, and Sake Offerings
At Kanesaka Hong Kong, guests are treated to an impressive selection of sake and wine from various regions. For those looking for a unique experience, the Wadachi, a Sushi Kanesaka exclusive beer, is a delightful choice at HK$160.

Sake enthusiasts can explore options such as the Sawaya Matsumoto – Shuhari from Kyoto, offering a balanced and smooth taste at HK$400 for 360ml. For a truly exquisite experience, the Hououbiden – Akaban – Junmai Daiginjo from Tochigi is a refined choice at HK$600 for 360ml.

Those seeking premium sake can indulge in the Zaku – Asahimai – Junmai Daiginjo from Mie, boasting a rich and elegant flavour profile, priced at HK$1,280 for 720ml. Additionally, the Kankobai Plum Sake from Mie is a refreshing option, available at HK$130 for a 100ml glass.

Wine enthusiasts can also savour the unique Ribolla Gialla – Radikon 2016, an orange wine from Radikon, for HK$800 for 500ml. Whether you’re a sake connoisseur or a wine lover, the sake and wine list at Kanesaka Hong Kong guarantees a remarkable sushi pairing experience.

Operated by Lai Sun Dining, a leading Hong Kong-based hospitality group known for its portfolio of 10 Michelin stars across 22 distinctive brands and 26 venues worldwide, Kanesaka Hong Kong embodies the group’s commitment to extraordinary culinary experiences.

The restaurant is now accepting reservations, allowing sushi enthusiasts to secure their seats for an unforgettable dining experience via SevenRooms.

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Hokkaido Hairy Crab with CaviarKanesaka Hong Kong by Chef Shinji Kanesaka Opens in CCB Tower, Central 4

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