Katharine Pooley Celebrates London Boutique Reopening with a New Collection

Katharine Pooley Celebrates London Boutique Reopening with a New Collection

To celebrate the reopening of her boutique in Walton Street London, interior designer extraordinaire Katharine Pooley, who was recently named ‘British Designer of the Decade’, has designed a new home collection in accents of white and verdant green for spring.

Katharine in her boutique in London

Incorporating semi-precious stones and crystal details, the specially curated collection includes Shagreen boxes with Lapis details, a Beetle embossed sculpture, a Butterfly decorative jar and an elegant Dragonfly Mother of Pearl plate, which is perfect for the bathroom or dressing room.

Katharine explains why all these eye-catching objects d’art are underpinned with a green and white theme: “I find green and white very fresh and revitalising for summer.

The balance of colour has a classical and sophisticated beauty that works well in a range of interiors and is impactful without overwhelming a space.”

Even though she designs four seasonal quarterly collections a year, with each collection comprising approximately 20 items, Katharine says her boutique is always filled with ‘new and unique one-of-a-kind pieces’ which she acquires during her travels abroad.

“Every week brings new inspiration, and this continuous updating of new products ensures that my clients know they will always be surprised and delighted by the exotic array of luxurious and unusual accessories.”

But not every item in this treasure trove of a store comes from some far-flung or exotic locale. The majority of the pieces are made exclusively for her by British workshops, ateliers and artists.

A few examples of Katharine's creations

But whether it’s a vase or a picture frame, every single item that takes pride of place in her chic shop has passed Katharine’s meticulous eye and gotten a seal of her tasteful approval. “All these pieces are memorably beautiful and have a timeless elegance… it’s the perfect addition to complete a luxurious interior.”

Having designed some of the most stunning interiors around the world, what’s the main difference Katharine finds when designing a home from a product?
“A home by its very nature is multifaceted and more ambitious in scale. Product design requires the same thought processes, namely attention to detail, selection of the best finishes and of course a unique, original and luxurious viewpoint.”

As for advice to avoid over cluttering a space, she has this to say: “Less is certainly more. It’s better to replace five inferior pieces with one extraordinary piece that you will treasure forever.”

Outside the Katharine Pooley Boutique in Walton Street, London.

For more information on Katharine Pooley’s Design Studio and Boutique, please visit www.katharinepooley.com.

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