Kathmandu’s Heli R Jacket is Lightweight, Stylish, Warm and Very Effective

Kathmandu's Lightweight Heli R Jacket is Lightweight, Stylish and Effective

The days are shorter, the nights longer. The cold weather has well and truly arrived, and it’s time to get out the winter coat. But donning a big bulky coat to ward off the chill can be too restrictive and make us not want to wear one at all – or go out. Because outerwear is a wardrobe investment, it’s wise to choose a garment that you’ll not only want to wear but will last for years to come.

We’ve been looking into jackets and coats at Luxurious Magazine HQ and stumbled across Kathmandu’s latest garment to hit the market. The Australia and New Zealand outdoor brand has just introduced a groundbreaking update to its Heli franchise – the Heli R.

The Heli R is Kathmandu’s lightest, most packable, and most environmentally friendly Heli jacket to date. It’s made almost entirely from recycled materials and is 25 per cent lighter than its predecessor, weighing in at 220g, which means that when the weather brightens, you can just pack it into its own pocket and toss it into your bag.

The recycled materials include the 20D ripstop fabric with its durable water-repellent coating, Vislon zippers and cord pullers. Throughout the design process, Kathmandu’s team of designers and engineers worked meticulously to ensure the latest product was kept within the brand’s B Corp status.

Customers can choose from two jacket versions, each offering uncompromising warmth.

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The first is an ultra-packable 600FP duck-down jacket with Responsible Down Standard down. The second is the harder-wearing, warm-when-wet novaLOFT synthetic insulation version. Both will keep you warm this winter and make the cut as a wardrobe essential that can transcend the seasons.

A key aspect of the Heli R’s warmth is the use of Traceable Down – meaning consumers can trace where their Down came from – in line with the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) – an assurance that Kathmandu sourced its Down from the most ethical suppliers available.

Each jacket comes with its very own Digital ID. Customers can simply scan the QR code inside the garment to learn about the design and manufacturing process, materials used, care instructions, and repair information.

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Beyond the technical features, the Heli R comes in an all-new playful colour palette derived from the landscape of New Zealand’s South Island.

Kathmandu understands that colour positively impacts mood and can help consumers open their hearts and minds when in nature, so the jacket is available in eight colourways, including mustard yellow, light quartz, undertow blue, beech green and lolly orange.

“There are so many things that set our new Heli R apart from both its predecessor and other puffer jackets in the market,” said Robert Fry, GM of Product.

“One of those being we employed was the use of recycled materials wherever we could. It used to be that you had to sacrifice performance when choosing a more sustainable route, but with the Heli R, we’ve made the product significantly lighter (25%!), much more packable, and just as warm as it’s always been while using these recycled materials.”

The brand is currently exploring recycling and resale options — which is all part of its journey to achieve product circularity.

Those who prefer an alternative to lightweight jackets and feel the cold on a different level may want to check out Kathmandu’s iconic Epiq range. This collection has been expanded with its colourway offerings this winter, providing even more options to choose from when it comes to outdoor adventures or morning walks.

The full Heli R range is available in vests, hooded and non-hooded down jackets, longline down coats, and synthetic jackets. Remember the saying: there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. And this jacket delivers all the cosiness needed in the winter at a fraction of the waste. Now, there’s a feel-good glow inside right there.

Kathmandu’s Heli R – Where and How?

For more information on Kathmandu’s Heli R jacket, which retails at £135, and to make an online purchase, visit www.kathmandu.co.uk/shop?q=heli+r.

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