The KitchenAid Variable Temperature 1.5L Artisan Kettle, Perfect and Peerless

The KitchenAid Variable Temperature 1.5L Artisan Kettle, Perfect and Peerless

Recently, we decided to put KitchenAid’s Artisan 1.5L kettle with variable temperature control to the test. Not only is the kettle a quite beautiful addition to the kitchen, it also does everything you’d expect in a brilliant way which is why the reviewer believes it is without equal in the world of consumer kettles.

When it comes to quality electrical products for the kitchen, there are few, if any, brands that can match KitchenAid. For more than a century, the company has been making lives simpler and bringing more pleasure to the kitchen, and even today, the company continues to set new benchmarks.

It’s no secret that the cost of living is rising globally, and one area where this can be seen clearly in energy prices. During the past six months, the editorial team has been inundated with expert guides on how to best cut down on energy usage, and one common piece of advice throughout them all was the need to switch to a kettle with individual temperature settings.

When it comes to electrical kitchen products, our first port of call is always KitchenAid, as what they manufacture is of the highest quality and stands the test of time. Admittedly, KitchenAid products are far from the cheapest in the market, and I understand that paying more for quality doesn’t always sit well with many consumers. However, that opinion usually changes when something goes wrong with a lower-priced alternative.

KitchenAid manufactures a wide range of kettles, but given the times we live in, the most sensible option for us was its flagship Artisan 1.5L kettle with variable temperature control to help bring down energy costs in the home.

A close up view of the temperature controller on the kettle's base

Why set the temperature?
We initially thought that the kettle’s temperature control was solely to save on costs; however, there is more to it than just that. Like many, without a second thought, we always filled the kettle, pressed the button and waited for it to boil, using the hottest of hot water to make whichever beverage had taken our fancy. We didn’t know that some hot drinks are best made with water of differing temperatures.

In our household, we have a penchant for tea, and given that we were now in possession of a kettle where we could set the water temperature, it made sense to investigate how this would benefit us. To our amazement, we learned we’d been incorrectly making a wide range of hot drinks for as long as we could remember.

A young woman enjoying a perfectly made cup of tea

According to beverage experts, delicate teas taste best when using water at 60°C, whilst Gyokuo and Sencha green teas require 70°C, hot chocolate and English breakfast teas require water heated to 90°C, and Chai and Rooibos teas need the common or garden 100°C.

It also seems that we’ve been wrong with our instant coffee-making technique! Our go-to brand is Nescafe, usually their Gold Blend, and we were surprised to find that their website recommends using water heated only to 80°C for the perfect cup. As we say in England, “You live and learn”.

When I did use the recommended temperatures above, I noticed no difference in the taste. What was different was the time it took to boil the water, which was significantly shorter, and the obvious benefit of this was a reduction in energy costs.

The Kettle hovering above its base

The design
KitchenAid’s products are, in the main, instantly recognisable thanks to the manufacturer’s use of curves, colours and, of course, putting the brand name on them. However, if you didn’t know KitchenAid made the kettle we tested, you would still be charmed by its looks. The designers have created a product that looks like it has one foot in the past and one in the present, making it a suitable showpiece for whatever kitchen style you have.

As with every KitchenAid product we’ve experienced over the past few years, the Variable Temperature 1.5L Artisan Kettle is a high-quality product. At first glance, it looks heavy; however, it is surprisingly light in hand. It is made with Dual Wall construction which helps keep the water inside hotter for longer, and on its side is a back-lit full-height water level indicator.

The dual wall construction offers several advantages; it helps to keep the noise down, and it also makes the exterior of the kettle much cooler; in fact, I can comfortably place both my hands on the surface of the kettle after it has boiled. However, I do not recommend others try this.

The kettle sits on a matching coloured base which is barely wider than the kettle, giving it an almost seamless look, and helping to accentuate its excellent design and curves. In the base is the illuminated slideable water temperature control, which comprises a polished metal knob which users can move to the precise water temperature options of 50,60,70,80,90,95 and 100°C. In addition, it has a keep-warm function to maintain the desired temperature for up to half an hour.

On the side of the kettle is a circular analogue gauge, similar to what you would see on a motorbike or a plane cockpit from times gone by. It shows the water temperature inside the kettle without needing power. When the kettle is powered and starts to heat the water, the needle in the gauge smoothly moves across the dial like an accelerating speedometer.

A side view of the Imperial Grey kettle we tested

Final thoughts
Using the kettle is somewhat of a treat. When you press the start button on the base side, it gives a satisfying ping, almost identical to the noise you hear on a plane when it’s time to remove your seatbelt, and it does the same when it reaches the desired temperature.

In keeping with the aviation theme, its dual wall design restricts the noise to something similar to what you’d hear in flight on a passenger jet. It is also reassuringly quick in getting the water to the desired temperature, reinforcing that you’ll be saving money on energy when using it.

KitchenAid’s Variable Temperature 1.5L Artisan Kettle is pretty much perfect. I need to add the words pretty much as some people will question its price compared to other kettles on the market. However, what you are buying from KitchenAid is quality and peace of mind, an area where other manufacturers regularly fall by the wayside.

In the past, I’ve made the mistake of spending less on something and regretted it later, and by doing so, I have just exacerbated the landfill problem. I have no such fears with this kettle, which looks like it will probably outlast me! It’s a gorgeous-looking piece that is also a pleasure to use. The three-year warranty provides extra peace of mind, but if my previous experience with KitchenAid products is anything to go by, it’s doubtful you’ll ever need to use it.

The KitchenAid Variable Temperature 1.5L Artisan Kettle is available in ten distinct colours and is priced at £179. For more information and to make a purchase, visit

For 2022, KitchenAid has introduced two new colours for the kettle, Imperial Grey (as tested by us) and Pistachio, which can be seen in the image below.

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The Artisan kettle and toaster, both shown in Pistachio, one of the two new colours for 2022The KitchenAid Variable Temperature 1.5L Artisan Kettle, Perfect and Peerless 2

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