KitchenAid’s New 2.1L Food Processor Cuts The Stress Out Of Prepping

KitchenAid's New 2.1L Food Processor in the company's classic red colour

KitchenAid’s new 2.1L Food processor is a practical and fabulous looking addition to the brand’s extensive range of electric cooking aids. The large volume Food Processor can tackle all your cooking needs, providing plenty of power and versatility.

I love to cook, but I dislike prepping the ingredients like most people. Slogging through slicing onions and chopping carrots, I can do without, so any solution to help me resolve these tasks is a Godsend. Enter the KitchenAid 2.1L Food Processor, the latest piece of equipment from the American brand.

KitchenAid was formed in the USA in 1919, purely by accident, as engineers from the Hobart company took prototype mixers home for their wives to test. One of the wives exclaimed to their husband, “I don’t care what you call the mixer, but it is the best damn kitchen aid I have ever used.” From then on, Hobart branded their products KitchenAid.

The food processor in the kitchen next to some of its delicious creationsThe company expanded from producing mixers to creating electric whisks and then, in the 1970s, food processors. It was not until 1974 that the first food processor came to the UK with the Magimix, and then in 1979, Kenwood introduced their model. The KitchenAid products started to arrive in the 1980s and have grown to become the sought after brand for professional and amateur cooks alike.

The KitchenAid 2.1L Food Processor
The processor is easily set up and switched between functions to quickly complete your prep. The centre blade assembly and click on lid have silicone seals making sure your food or liquids stay inside the click-in bowl.

You have a choice of two speeds and a pulse option, so you have total control over whatever function the processor is performing.

Speed and pulse options are easy-to-operate via paddle-style buttons to whip, whisk and emulsify. High speed offers you plenty of power to knead dough which generally takes around ten minutes by hand. Speedily shred large blocks of cheese, giving you the convenience of grated cheese for all types of use. The pulse option is the go-to for providing nuts with a rough chop or adding more ingredients without over-processing. The two-in-one feed chute makes adding produce and liquids simple.

All blades and discs can be neatly stored inside the bowl when not in use. The KitchenAid 2.1L Food Processor is easy to clean. The bowl and accessories are dishwasher safe and simple to rinse by hand.

KitchenAid's New 2.1L Food Processor in the black colour

The new KitchenAid 2.1L Food Processor (RRP £199) is available in Matte Black, Empire Red, Almond Cream, Contour Silver, Onyx Black and favourite colour from the range Pistachio. The pistachio green looks fantastic and would be my choice of colour.

The pistachio coloured food processor

Better than having a Sous Chef, the KitchenAid 2.1L Food Processor takes away the grind of all prepping across cooking techniques.

For more information on all KitchenAid products, please visit,, and read our feature on KitchenAid’s colour of the year for 2022 here.

KitchenAid's New 2.1L Food Processor Cuts The Stress Out Of Prepping 2

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