Askham Hall to Host Krish Thapa’s First ‘Wild and Mindful’ Retreat

Spiritual Guide Krish Thapa's New 'Wild and Mindful' Retreats Come to the UK

Krish Thapa, a spiritual guide and ex-SAS mountain leader, will host the first of his ‘Wild and Mindful’ retreats at Askham Hall in the Lake District in March. The retreat will be a first for the renowned guide and focuses on nourishment for the body, mind and soul framed by an awe-inspiring landscape.

For many people, the world has become too fast-paced and confusing, and sometimes, people need to jump off what we call the ‘treadmill’ to rebalance themselves and rediscover some inner calm. Making the leap is easier than many would imagine; however, it is important to use the time wisely, and a great way to do this is by recharging the mind and body with a spiritual guide in a beautiful place.

We’ve recently been writing that 2023 shouldn’t be a year dominated by the letter “C” (cost of living crisis, conflict, coronavirus etc.) but more so a year full of “M”, fronted by meditation, mindfulness, microbiota and microbiome. In March, the renowned spiritual guide Krish Thapa will be hosting the first of his ‘Wild and Mindful’ Retreats at the beautiful Askham Hall in the Lake District, and we do not doubt that all of those M-words and more will be on his agenda.

For those who might not be overly familiar with Krish Thapa, he is known for his ability to help people transcend their physical limitations and achieve their personal goals.

In addition to being a spiritual guide, Krish is a world-class mountaineer and has guided multiple expeditions in Africa, Europe and South Asia. This year, he is also leading a world-first expedition up Everest – guiding a double above-the-knee amputee up the world’s highest mountain.

Krish is on a mission to bring ancient wisdom and philosophy into busy, modern lives. The first of the new ‘Wild and Mindful’ retreats takes place at Askham Hall over three nights and lasts from Friday, 3 to Sunday, 5 March 2023.

The beautiful exterior of the historic Askham Hall

The Restaurant with Rooms
Set within the epic Lakeland Fells, Askham Hall is often referred to as a Michelin-star “restaurant with rooms” and has been the home of the Lowther family for more than eight centuries.

The hotel’s award-winning restaurant is known for its use of fresh produce all year round, which is grown in the property’s extensive grounds and sourced from the surrounding woodland and farms. In what will be another first, the hotel will also unveil a dedicated meditation room that overlooks its ancient courtyard to enhance the experience for those attending Krish Thapa’s first ‘Wild and Mindful’ retreat.

Over the three days, Krish will use a variety of Buddhist teachings applied in nature, combining his extraordinary background and experiences with the beauty and authenticity of Askham Hall.

The activities on the fully immersive wellness retreat include quiet guided meditation in an ancient Medieval hall. In addition to meditation, there will also be spiritual walks, along with cold water immersion therapy, fire healing and forest bathing. Those participating in the retreat will also get to learn about the ancient stone circles on the neighbouring fells, and perfect for the microbiome, will get to enjoy wild picnic lunches made using locally sourced and foraged produce.

Krish says, “My passion is helping people reconnect with the world around them. I hope my learnings and life experiences can help others as they experience their spiritual journeys into the wilderness.

“This is the first time I have done a fully immersive wellness retreat, focusing on nourishment for the mind, body and soul in a genuinely awe-inspiring landscape. With its authentic ‘back to nature’ approach, Askham Hall is the perfect setting to help people feel truly at peace with themselves and more empowered to cope with the future.”

For further details and to book places on the retreat, visit

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Askham Hall to Host Krish Thapa's First 'Wild and Mindful' Retreat 2

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