Legendary Motorcycle Adventures Takes You To Places From Your Dreams

Legendary Motorcycle Adventures Takes You To Places From Your Dreams

We take a look at Legendary Motorcycle Adventures. Two guys who love bikes and travel, so they combined their passions.

Sam Pelly and Ed Talbot Adams are pioneers of bespoke motorcycle adventures that transport you through some of the most spectacular places on Earth.

The company have partnered with Royal Enfield, Belstaff and Malle luxury leather products, to offer a series of epic motorcycle tours including Spain to the Sahara, Sicily, Andalusia and a brand new route through Corsica to Sardinia.

A Legendary Motorcycle Adventures campfire session

These tours include campfire sessions, riding some of the world’s most iconic motorcycles whilst taking in the glorious surroundings of the tour destination.

Rides are hosted by the founders who tailor trips that will take you back to old fashion fun. LMA will take you on an adventure to discover ancient medinas, the breath-taking rugged Atlas Mountains and spectacular gorges whilst experiencing a mix of wild camping and welcomed luxury in authentic, charming hotels, along with unbeaten roads and rocky tracks.

Legendary Motorcycle Adventures

If motorbikes and travel are your interests you should book a trip quickly as Sam and Ed keep numbers limited so they can keep things personal. Giving great attention to each rider and delivering the best service and memories.

Legendary Motorcycle Adventures 2019 dates:

  • March 22-3 April Andalusia to Sahara 1
  • April 26-8 May – Andalusia to Sahara 2
  • May 20-25 – Andalusian Odyssey 1
  • June 17-25 – UK Great Wilderness Ride
  • Sept 16-21 – Andalusian Odyssey 2
  • Sept 30-8 Oct – Sardinia-Corsica
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