LockdownLocals – A comprehensive List of Alternative London Food Suppliers

LockdownLocals - A comprehensive List of Alternative London Food Suppliers

LockdownLocals could prove to be a vital resource for Londoner’s requiring food deliveries during the lockdown period.

One unfortunate aspect of the lockdown has been how difficult it has been to purchase essential foods and products. If you are anything like me, you’ll be scared-stiff at the thought of going into a supermarket, believing the headlines they are ‘super-spreaders’ for the virus.

Although local farm shops are doing an excellent job to help the community, delivery isn’t always available and they are hard to access for some. The safest and most convenient way to get food in these current times has to be to get it delivered to your door.

I am sure many will have tried to order online from the supermarkets, but the chances of finding a reasonable delivery slot are nigh on impossible. Thankfully, the creative agency, Wildish & Co. today has unveiled a brand new resource called LockdownLocals.com.

LockdownLocals is a compilation of local businesses that are still accepting orders / new customers and stock groceries with reasonably available slots for delivery. It offers an alternative to over-subscribed supermarkets who no longer have the capacity to accept orders or deliver.

“Delivery via supermarkets has become out of the question. The more we asked around, the more it seemed everyone was having the same problem. So we wanted to help people to find the best local suppliers, many of which are switching their core business to deliver groceries to hungry Londoners. This is just designed to help people find the information they need, fast” says Sam Fresco, Strategy Director Wildish & Co.

Features and benefits of LockdownLocals include:

  • Not for profit
  • Every one was accepting new customers or customer orders at the time of checking
  • Updated regularly
  • Completely open to submissions

Includes companies people wouldn’t often think of such as an online florist who now stock veg boxes

LockdownLocals will be available starting Thursday 2nd April at no cost, with no affiliate linking or paid advertisement.

About Wildish & Co.: Wildish & Co. is a creative studio that makes brands, campaigns and digital experiences. We have offices in London Fields & Marlborough. Clients include the Duke of Wellington, Nestlé, Vogue, Film 4, Penguin Books, BBC, Canon, Hiscox, TielleLoveLuxury, MTV, Mercedes Benz, Heineken, SodaStream, Kabuto Noodles, San Pellegrino & Kinder Bueno.

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LockdownLocals - A comprehensive List of Alternative London Food Suppliers 2


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