The New LomoApparat Paris Edition Camera is an Homage to the City of Love

The New LomoApparat Paris Edition Camera is an Homage to the City of Love

Worldwide, people love to show off their individuality and artistic side. In a world dominated by smartphone photographers, there are few better ways to do this than by embracing something a little more ‘old school’, and a wonderful and fun way to do this is with the Lomographic Society’s new 35mm LomoApparat Paris Edition camera.

“Paris is always a good idea.”
The latest LomoApparat edition is an ode to the exuberant spirit of joie de vivre that defines the Parisian experience.

Inspired by Haussman architecture and life’s “petits plaisirs”, the Paris Edition is adorned with the city’s most cherished sights. Lomography has designed this camera for all levels, from the everyday adventurer to the fashion-forward photographer. It is a product that encourages boundless creativity on the charming streets of Le Grand Paris and beyond.

A close up view of a woman holding the new camera in her hand

Whether savouring a buttery croissant at a local café, taking a promenade around the local park, or dancing the night away at an elegant soirée, the LomoApparat Paris will be an eye-catching and stylish accessory that will complement any outfit and grants carte blanche for limitless experimentation on 35mm film.

With the sporting world spotlight shining on Paris, there are few better ways to pay homage to the city’s rich cultural heritage. For those seeking to capture their souvenirs in style, the LomoApparat is a fun way to infuse everyday memories with artistic flair.

With fixed settings and built-in flash for perfect exposures every time, it offers an authentically analogue experience, bringing classic vignetting, high contrast, saturation and film grain to 35 mm snaps.

For a burst of colour, the company has added a playful flash filter slider with interchangeable coloured filters. Plus, for those looking to push the boundaries of artistic expression, the MX switch enables seamless multiple exposures, while the Bulb shooting mode is ideal for capturing the twinkling silhouette of the Tour Eiffel as night falls.

Sending its users on a journey of creativity, the LomoApparat Paris Edition ignites the inner artist in everyone thanks to three interchangeable lens attachments elegantly presented in a cotton lens pouch.

The built-in 21 mm wide-angle lens boasts a 0.5m closest focusing distance, reduced to just 0.2 m with the Close-up Lens. For an avant-garde touch, the Kaleidoscope lens transforms any frame into a mirrored wonder, while the Splitzer Lens offers the possibility to slice and dice images into wedges of any size.

An image showing the front and back of the camera

LomoApparat Paris Edition Technical Specs

  • Film format: 35 mm
  • Lens focal length: 21 mm
  • Available apertures: f/10
  • Shutter speed: 1/100(N), Bulb (B)
  • Focusing: focus free, 0.5 m – infinity
  • Flash: default ON, manual OFF
  • Flash coverage: 0.5 m – 2 m
  • Multiple exposures: unlimited
  • Tripod socket: yes
  • Battery Supply (for the flash): 1 × AA (1.5 V)

What is Lomography?
In 1992, a creative revolution burst into life, changing the photographic world forever. Its name? The Lomographic Society International. Established by an unruly bunch of happy-go-lucky students, their simple idea exploded into an eccentric global movement and became the wild child of analogue photography we know today.

Lomography is a state of mind – and it’s lurking within us all! To support the creative endeavours of its community, the Society supplied Lomographers all over the world with an ever-expanding range of experimental analogue goodies through its Online Shop and global network of retail partners.

The Society wants Lomographers to ignore the rulebook, treasure life’s many surprises, and throw caution to the wind to capture life in all its bizarre, bewildering glory.

A woman taking a photograph from her bicycleThe New LomoApparat Paris Edition Camera is an Homage to the City of Love 2

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