Where to Head to in London for the Best Winter Negronis

Best Winter CAMPARI Negroni in London

The winter weather means outdoor terraces are out and cosy fireside spots are in, we are all looking to swap our summery cocktails for cosy winter alternatives. The Negroni is the perfect cocktail on a cold winter’s night, its classic 100th-year-old combination of Vermouth, Campari and Gin, provides a perfect base for creative twists with winter flavours such as Sloe, Fig and Orange.

To help you know where to go to get your Winter Negroni and continue celebrating the 100th year of this iconic cocktail here are some of the best Winter twists and where to get them.

Sloe Negroni at Bar45

Famous for serving some of the best Negronis in London, it seems only fitting that Bar45’s hero Christmas cocktail is the Sloe Negroni and it does not disappoint. This fruity mix of  Sloe Gin and Vermouth creates a flavour that will transport you to that moment of clam after Christmas dinner.
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Aubaine’s Winter Negroni is easily accessible wherever you may find yourself on a dark evening, and gives the Italian classic a French makeover with the ‘Fig and Walnut Negroni’ a heady mix of Campari, Portobello Road Gin, Noix de la Saint-Jean, Esprit de Figues, resulting a the bitter flavour being given a seasonal makeover with traditional fruit and nut flavours.
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Freuds Negroni

Freud Café Bar
Christmas is known for its festively fruity orange flavours, and Freud Café Bar has used this as inspiration in their twist on the classic Negroni, aptly named the Winter Negroni. A perfectly balanced combination of Grand Marnier, CAMPARI, Gin and Vermouth add a sweeter citrus note to the traditionally bitter Negroni.
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Where to Head to in London for the Best Winter Negronis 4

Heads and Tails
When the winter chill gets too much why not head downstairs to the ‘Tails’ bar? Their luxury dive bar is a perfect spot to enjoy a festive twist on a Negroni on a cold winter night.

The talented bar staff at Heads and Tails have created their bespoke Witter bitters that give this warming twist on the Negroni a festive makeover. Named Cranmore, this is a delicious combination of CAMPARI, Irish Whiskey, Ardeche chestnut and house Winter bitters.

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