Luxurious Magazine® is one of those British success stories which has dipped below the radar

Luxurious Magazine® is one of those British success stories which has dipped below the radar. A brand that has become one of the most popular online media brands in the world without fuss, razzmatazz or self-promotion.

This was by completely by design and not through accident as Luxurious Magazine® adheres to the old-fashioned British value of not wanting to shout about the amazing things we have achieved.

Paul Godbold - Founder/Owner of Luxurious MagazineLuxurious Magazine® is wholly owned by Paul Godbold, a British entrepreneur who prefers to stay out of the ‘limelight’ and let the quality of the magazine’s work do his talking. Paul’s military upbringing and varied and successful business career has taught him many lessons, the most important of which is to treat people like you would want to be treated yourself, not to look down on anyone and to be open and honest so that everyone knows where they stand.

In the four years since Paul created Luxurious Magazine® it has generated a global following for it’s accurate and inspiring news and video reporting. In this relatively short period of time, Luxurious Magazine articles have been viewed well over half a billion times on Google Plus overtaking just about every brand in the world for number of views, this alone should provide some insight into how far and wide the brand is viewed.

Unlike other media brands/organisations we are not interested in publishing speculation, salaciousness, rumours or gossip. We never want to unduly criticise our subjects and just look to write and publish news/articles which can inspire people. There are many British values that Luxurious Magazine® utilises on a daily basis, the most important of which is the honesty within our articles.

An good example of this is when we come across something on a travel review that fails to meet our expectations. Rather than just publish something negative that might adversely impact on the subject without a chance of any recourse. We will sit down and discuss our concern before publishing, ensuring that the subject completely understands our concerns and makes the necessary guarantees and changes to ensure that our readers do not have to experience something below expectation.

This is just one of the reasons why we have built a reputation for being the “nice people” in the lifestyle media industry.