Robert King of Samsung Consumer Electronics

Robert King of Samsung Consumer Electronics 2
Luxurious Magazine Meets Robert King of Samsung Consumer Electronics

In this interview with Robert King, we discuss luxury lifestyle, technology, and their new range of wireless speakers

Global electronics giant, Samsung, is one of the world’s most valuable and well-known brands creating products such as refrigerators and washing machines, right through to handheld products and computers. Who better to ask about all the latest happenings at Samsung than the Vice President of consumer electronics for UK and Ireland.

LM: How long have you worked in the consumer electronics division at Samsung?
Samsung Smart ThingsRK: I’ve been working at Samsung UK for the last 9 years. In my role, I am responsible for our Consumer Electronics Division which covers TV and Audio Products and our fast growing Digital Appliance business. It is an incredibly exciting time to be working in the CE division. New technologies and innovations are changing the home electronics sector, and recently we just announced our new Smart Things range of sensors that enable you to connect with your home through your mobile or tablet even when you are the other side of the world.

LM: What is your personal definition of luxury?
RK: Luxury is something that makes you feel special. It’s treating oneself. What that might be is unique to the individual. People experience luxury subjectively and from their own viewpoints. I think it is therefore, impossible to define luxury exactly.

Robert King's most luxurious item is a Samsung Curved SUHD TV

LM: What luxurious item could you not live without?
RK: Well if it’s a luxury item, then strictly speaking you could live without it, but life without a large screen Samsung Curved SUHD TV would definitely be a bit flat! The thrill of seeing your favourite movies and programmes in the glorious colour, contrast and detail that SUHD provides is pretty hard to beat. Link it up to a Samsung curved soundbar, and you’ll be blown away!

LM: What makes Samsung so special when it comes to delivering audio wireless technology?
RK: Innovation, quality and design. Samsung has set out to transform the audio market. By creating a more dynamic, surround sound audio experience where the sweet-spot can be heard everywhere in the room, we free music fans up to enjoy their music wherever they want.

LM: Please tell our readers more about your new R6 and R7 audio wireless speakers.
R6 and R7 audio wireless speakersRK: Our new wireless audio speakers incorporate pioneering technology which creates an omni-directional movement that immerses entire rooms in sound. In simple terms, this means wherever you are in the room you will experience the same incredible audio. The speakers don’t just sound good, but they look great and with portable models as well. It is a range built for music fans who want an audio experience that reflects their modern relationship to music listening.

LM: How much do these audio speakers retail for?
RK: The R6 retails for £399.99, and the R7 is priced at £499.99.

LM: The sound that the Samsung audio wireless speakers produce is incredible and crisp. How was this achieved?
RK: They were developed at Samsung’s new state-of-the-art audio lab in California where a dedicated team has been brought together to create this innovative range. The Wireless Audio 360 range delivers a unique, 360-degree sound experience through the use of Samsung’s patented ring radiator technology.

LM: How long has this new technology for audio wireless speakers been in the making?
RK: Over the past few years we have seen a dramatic change to the way people listen to music. We know they no longer want to be restricted by audio devices designed for a stationary experience, but instead want a device that gives them the freedom to choose how and where they listen to their music, without compromising on the quality of audio they hear. We believe our new range of speakers reflects what people want from music products now and in the future.

LM: Who is the specific target audience for this particular brand?
R6 and R7 audio wireless speakersRK: They were developed by music experts for music fans – whatever their age or background. Their premium design and feel mean they’re perfect for those who love technology but don’t want to compromise on style.

LM: Exciting times ahead for Samsung. Can you tell us what is the next generation of wireless audio?
RK: As a leading technology company we believe that the internet of things is the next significant step for the consumer technology market. The home of the future is here now and the internet of things will turn everyday objects into connected devices that sense and share information. People will choose the smart home solution that suits them and the devices that will make their lives easier – and wireless audio will certainly play a huge role in the connected home. Widespread uptake of connected devices is in the very near future, and we’re excited about what this means for the wireless audio market.

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