Luxurious Magazine Search Results on the Internet

Luxurious Magazine Search Results on the Internet

People often think that every online user is a die-hard Google fan. However, this is not entirely accurate. It’s no secret that every business is after the #1 spot in the internet search results, and in this article, we’ll explain how Luxurious Magazine seeks to achieve this.

To be honest, we’re fans of Google, but over the past twelve months, we’ve joined the 100s of millions of other people regularly using alternatives to obtain information.

Google works in a very mysterious way. Almost daily, we will publish a well-written unique piece on a particular subject, and there is no guarantee it will rank #1 in the search results. There’s no ‘rhyme or reason’ behind this; then again, it should be this way.

From time to time we’ll find our grammatically perfect, unique 700-word piece, will rank behind a 250-word poorly written article that does little more than mention the main subject. We’re not overly disappointed as we’re always up there fighting for the top spot, but alas, we can never guarantee the prime position.How Luxurious Magazine Ranks Highly in the Search Results 2

How we optimise our articles to reach the largest audienceHow Luxurious Magazine Ranks Highly in the Search Results 2

If there were an easy way to to get the #1 position for a simple commonly-used phrase, the internet results would be dominated by a handful of news publishers, including ourselves. When you perform a general search on Google, you’ll often find that in some ways, it is unfairly monopolised particularly when you see where companies like eBay, Amazon and other leading shopping sites rank.

Fortunately, there is a more straightforward way to getting our articles in front of a huge potential audience, and it involves optimising what we write, for other leading search engines such as, and

“Why do this?” Some of you might be thinking? The reason is in the numbers; officially has almost 1 billion users, that’s a huge slice of the world’s population. This alone is more than enough reason to aim for the #1 spot in its search results. When you add the 225+ million users of and the probability that DuckDuckDuck.go has somewhere between 50-100 million users, the reason becomes considerably clearer.How Luxurious Magazine Ranks Highly in the Search Results 2

There is estimated to be 4,833,521,806 internet usersHow Luxurious Magazine Ranks Highly in the Search Results 2Data was published in June 2020 estimating there was at that time, 4,833,521,806 active internet users in the world. By ranking at the top of the three search engines we’ve mentioned, we’re putting our article in a prime position in front of more than one-quarter of all the internet users in the world. We don’t expect you to simply take our word for it, we’d urge you to pick an article from the home page of the online magazine and perform a search on the non-Google search engines we’ve mentioned.

We’d liken this whole process to being a single voice in a massive crowd attending a rock concert, trying to garner some attention from the performers on stage (Google), or being the person on stage in front of a very big crowd (the other leading search engines).

When you look at it in a simple way like this, it starts to make sense.

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