Five European Luxury Well-being Retreats with Access to Experts in 2023

Five European Luxury Well-being Retreats with Access to Experts in 2023

As the world becomes more complicated, with changes seemingly happening at the drop of a hat, many people are turning to well-being retreats to find peace and balance in their lives. In this guide, we look at five superb examples, all in Europe, and each offers access to at least one leading expert.

Without trying to sound like a ‘stuck record’, one’s well-being, i.e. looking after one’s mind and body has never been more critical. Too many (invisible to most) factors are playing havoc with people’s minds and bodies, and many of them have been created solely in the pursuit of money.

As many of our regular readers will know, we’re not shy about criticising how the modern world operates, which is why we frequently suggest people turn to meditation and are more mindful of what they consume (Meditation and the Microbiome) in our articles.

A healthy food dish at Capri Island Retreat

However, we appreciate that it is generally easier ‘written than done’, and sometimes people need external help to get started and create enthusiasm, which is where well-being retreats come to the forefront and show their worth.

These types of specialist retreats can not only put you on the right track, but they will also do it without fuss or hassle.

With the help of Balance Holidays, we’ve put together a list of five well-being retreats that are not only brilliant places for finding oneself and learning the best things for your body and mind, they also provide access to at least one renowned expert.

When: 15th – 19th March
What: Shape and Nurture Pilates Sicilian Manor Retreat: Commenda di San Calogero, Sicily, Italy.

An aerial view of the Shape and Nurture Pilates Retreat

Highlights: An online one-to-one pre-retreat consultation with Paola, a one-to-one coaching session. In addition, there will be morning walks, dynamic flow Pilates, restorative flow Pilates, a circle of life workshop, a health coach nutrition workshop, and Mediterranean diet concept meals.

The beautiful, relaxing gardens at the retreat

Expert: Paola Langella encapsulates Stott Pilates principles and fuses her in-depth knowledge of ballet, yoga, low cardio impact exercises and experience teaching an array of physical profiles. Tone, shape and challenge the body with a balanced combination of Standing, Dynamic and Restorative Pilates classes.

An expert at the retreat demonstrating poses in the studio

A style that will improve mind-body acuity and focus largely on spine articulation to keep muscles flexible and improve the quality of movement by sculpting, lengthening, strengthening and mobilising the entire body.

Each routine will be adapted to the body’s natural movement patterns, and every session will result in leaving the mat with strength, positivity and in love with the body.

When: 21 – 25 April
What: Energetic Renewal and Reiki at Menorca Finca Retreat: Torralbenc, Menorca, Spain.

The exterior of Menorca Finca Retreat

Highlights: Welcome meditation & intention setting, meditation, breathwork, energy healing, journalling, reiki & gong healing, past life regression, gong bath and burn ceremony, herbal tincture workshop, floral tapping workshop, morning walks, alfresco lunch in eh vineyards, gluten & dairy free meals.

Valeria Oula

Expert: Originating from a lineage of healing and having earned international, Valeria Oula is an energy healing expert, the director of vibrational healing at THE WELL, and the founder of Modern Ritual NYC. A sanctuary designed for personal transformation and energy healing.

She is also a certified Reiki Master, Hypnosis, Yoga & Meditation teacher and Energy Medicine practitioner.

Valeria has authored two books and boasts more than a decade of teaching and clinical experience in Somatic healing sessions. She has developed her Integrative Energy Healing modality, which is based on deep listening, getting to the source of imbalances, unwinding old patterns and shifting them at the root to create new possibilities.

When: 27th April – 1st May
What: Realign and Thrive – Women’s Movement Retreat: Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza, Spain. This is a women’s only well-being retreat centred on female hormonal health, perimenopause and menopause, returning for the second year.

The exterior of Hacienda Na Xamena in Ibiza, Spain

Highlights: Morning cliffside walks, HIIT workouts, power sessions, Pilates flow, swimming, live-streamed perimenopause, menopause and women’s hormonal health workshop, and gluten & dairy-free meals.

Experts: Monique Eastwood has an impressive background in dance, fitness, and Pilates and multiple decades of experience working with a wide spectrum of body types.

Reset your relationship with exercise and liberate your body in dynamic, multi-directional sequences of HIIT, Pilates Flow, Cliffside Swim and more.

Monique Eastwood relaxing outdoors

Full-body exercises will be broken into snack-size bites focused on core, posture, form and activating key muscle groups and joints. Each activity with Monique will be high energy, encouraging you to comfortably push through personal boundaries to heighten awareness and realign body and mind.

Joining Monique is Dr Katie Armstrong, who will host informative workshops encouraging transparent dialogue to advance the conversation on female hormonal health, menopause and perimenopause.

An assortment of topics will be covered, which include the role of female hormones, symptoms, and the long-term impact of menopause on emotional, physical and mental health.

Also included will be advice on approaching the conversation with your Doctor and more. At the workshop’s conclusion, a Q&A session will be held.

When: 13th – 20th May 2023
What: The Amalfi Cliffside Retreat, La Torre della Limonaia on the Amalfi Coast, Italy.

An aerial view of the Amalfi Cliffside Retreat

Highlights: Guided mountain excursions, Pause Place breathwork and Koshi sound workshop, mandala making ritual, breathwork & mantra workshop, sound reading workshop, opening ceremony & intention setting, gluten & dairy free meals, private access to sea, farm, garden, gym and saltwater infinity pool.

A wellness session at the Amalfi Cliffside Retreat

Experts: Katie Abbott of Pause Place is known for her work in activating the energies of love, the essence of presence and connection to step inside, find clarity in the self and recognise your inner potential.

Deepen and expand your true being, shifting states of consciousness in an array of workshops that bring breathwork, sound, gentle movement and more together. In addition to Katie’s expertise, there is also an expert local hiking guide.

When: 22nd – 29th May 2023
What: Reinvigorate with a detox, meditation and vegan food at Capri Island Retreat: Capri Palace, Capri, Italy.

The exterior of the Capri Island Retreat

Highlights: Daily guided hiking excursions, opening ceremony & intention setting, daily stretching, yoga & breathing, anatomy of deep relaxation workshop, nervous system fitness workshop, mind detox workshops, nourishing your dreams workshop, yin yoga, yoga nidra.

In addition, guests will be treated to a leg massage at Capri Palace’s Award-Winning Medical Spa*, an exclusive dinner at the globally-renowned private beach club and restaurant Il Riccio, and an exclusive outdoor lunch at the iconic Gelsomina restaurant.

Morgan Witkin and Belinda Matwali at Capri Island Retreat

Experts: Morgan Witkin, specialist vegan chef, and mindfulness & meditation expert Belinda Matwali.

*Guests of this retreat will receive Capri Medical Spa’s signature treatment, The Leg School Therapy, from knowledgeable and trained therapists, which has been specially developed by MD F. Canonaco.

A massage consisting of three steps and performed using medicated mud, leg massage wrapping and Kneipp Hydro-Therapy.

All of the above well-being retreats can be booked through Balance Holidays, who were instrumental in helping us to compile this guide; you can find out more on their website,

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