Maison Sybarite Launches New Amber Gaze Fragrance

Maison Sybarite Launches New Amber Gaze Fragrance

There’s no denying that perfume can boost your confidence. Just knowing you smell great gives people that outer glow and that tell-tale raised neck. Many also reserve that mood-enhancing emotion through spritz for special occasions, so there’s no better time to invest in a new scent. Sabi Phagura takes a closer look at Maison Sybarite’s new Amber Gaze fragrance.

Maison Sybarite is the first water-based fine fragrance brand to hit the perfume market.

Maison Sybarite's Amber Gaze is a unisex scentThey have just added a fifth unisex scent to their existing woody full-bodied collection (i.e. Bed of Roses, Opulent Wood, 720 and Spicy Calabria).

Crafted by famous French master perfumer Antoine Lie, Amber Gaze can be described as the ultimate concoction for those loved-up couples with its exotic and complex floral aroma. With fresh jasmine, this creation bursts with sensuality and luxury.

It contains a new subtle oriental amber, combined with creamy florals to give it softness, while the darkness of the patchouli forms the spine of this fragrant composition.

Holding a diploma in chemistry and reputed for his avant-garde approach, Lie is a true artist of his craft, who is behind some of the most coveted scents in the industry, including Armani Code/Black Code, Versace Crystal Noir, Tom Ford Café Rose to niche perfumes such as Cire Trudon’s BRUMA, Puredistance BLACK, and RIEN by Etat Libre D’Orange.

And now, after teaming up Maison Sybarite’s innovative vision and Antoine’s perfume mastery, Maison Sybarite’s “Eau de Parfum” collaborative collection is both rare and bold.

The perfume, like all Maison Sybarite Perfumes contains no nasties

No Nasties
The Amber Gaze perfume, like its predecessors, harnesses the natural benefits of water plant emulsion (oil in water) to avoid the most commonly used solvent across the industry called denatured alcohol or ethanol. Maison Sybarite’s formulas are also non-oily and free of parabens, phthalates and silicones.

As a clean fragrance brand, Maison Sybarite uses both synthetic aromatic compounds and plant-based essential oils that are considered to be safe components for long-term use. Their innovative technology is the cleanest available in the perfume industry, using ultrapure water (UPW).

In addition, Maison Sybarite is committed to being transparent about its safe, sustainable, and cruelty-free practices across the board. And it doesn’t stop at the product. Even the beautifully minimalist and recyclable packaging is meticulously sourced and printed on paper from sustainable forests. They say it’s because they’re devoted to keeping customers safe and healthy.

Model immersed in water holding bottle of Maison Sybarite Perfume

What did we think?
All Maison Sybarite’s fragrances smell clean. We’ve smelt all of them and looked as if we were trying to acquire a skill in producing olfactory compositions in the process. They are long-lasting and most certainly evoke feelings of confidence and empowerment.

Focusing on my experience of using the Amber Gaze fragrance, I’ve had several compliments from both people I know and complete strangers. A brand’s ability to create an alluring aroma on the skin never made me feel so special, I must say!

Amber Gaze is definitely a head-turner, as the fragrance lingers and wafts whenever I wear it. And it certainly makes me feel uplifted and confident each time I spritz it, even on my daily lockdown strolls. You see, I’m not a believer in wearing scents’ just for special occasions, and right now, I need to feel good every single day with the pandemic is in full swing.

I’ve applied mine, whether it be to sit down at my (home) office, after a yoga class, or as part of a self-care regime in the morning. I must point out that the fragrance is rather full-bodied and will hang around on your clothes and bedsheets for days.

So, if you’re not a fan of strong scents, this one may not be for you, or perhaps you will want to use it sparingly. But as the perfume itself is in the form of water plant emulsion, be sure to know you’ve seen the spray hit your skin because you will barely feel it against it.

A photo showing the a fragrance bottle immersed in water among flowers

Maison Sybarite and Amber Gaze – Where and How?

All five fragrances, including Amber Gaze, retails at an RRP of £160 for a 75ml bottle. They are currently available in the US, UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, South Korea, Australia, Indonesia and the UAE.

Amber Gaze is available to purchase online at Bloom Perfumery and in-store in Covent Garden, London, when open. For more information, visit

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