Dr Mariano Spiezia, Scientific Director at Inlight Beauty & Wellness

Interview With Dr Mariano Spiezia of Inlight Beauty & Wellness

Gina Baksa meets Dr Mariano Spiezia, the founder of Inlight Beauty, medical doctor, herbalist and renowned skin expert.

Dubbed a 21st-century Nicholas Culpepper, and considered the Godfather of the organic beauty movement in the UK, his love of science, alchemy and wellness led him to create the Inlight Beauty range of skin products – all of which are 100% organic. Based in Cornwall, Dr Spiezia currently practices at The Walsingham Natural Health Centre in Truro and is a regular contributor to discussions and research in the scientific and beauty sectors in the UK and Italy.

Inlight Beauty ointment products

Luxurious Magazine: How did you get started in the wellness and beauty business?
Dr Mariano Spiezia: In my 30s, I was one of the founding doctors of a pioneering detox centre in Italy. It was fascinating and inspiring to witness how science guided by unaltered nature can help re-balance the system.

During the detox process, the skin revealed itself with its major role as a ‘mirror’ of what was happening inside the body, confirming that the vital energy within the body works from the inside to the outside to clear inner toxicity. This was the trigger for me to study and experiment with products that would work not only on the skin but with it. It was clear that healthy skin is what expresses beauty and radiance.

LM: You’ve said that all matter is surrounded by its own vibrational energy? What do you mean by this?
MS: Everything in the universe is made by energy as an expression of atoms, subatomic particles and electromagnetic waves. To all of these are associated electromagnetic fields that interreact with us and with our surroundings. Our five senses are very limited (for example we can only see the light spectrum from red to violet and we can only hear within a limited range of sound waves), but we are immersed in an ocean of energy (UVA, UVB and cosmic rays etc) that constantly interferes with our life. It’s now finally a fact that we can modify what is around us with our own energy.

Dr Mariano Spiezia with his wife

LM: What attracted you to establishing Inlight in Cornwall?
MS: I moved with my family to this magic and vibrant British county, as it’s the ideal place to bring up children close to nature and away from the buzz of major cities. My wife Loredana and I were determined to help them be grounded and appreciate the outdoors before flying the nest.

After my holistic experience at the detox centre, I refused to use commercial products. I knew well at that point how chemicals could damage health rather than help it; so when I moved to Cornwall with my family during my sabbatical year I started making a few pomades and lotions – initially for my family and friends, then later for acquaintances in the village, and then the rest is history as they say.

Inlight Beauty & Wellness products for the face

LM: The Inlight range includes products for the hair, body and face. How do you make them?
MS: My formulations stem from the synergy of chemistry, herbology, the human physiology and the interconnection between them all. I have been able to observe over many years of practice the functions of the human body from different angles and I have no doubt in saying that science and nature’s alchemy work wonders together. The Inlight range is very comprehensive. Every product is made by hand in our lab with the utmost care at every step.

We practice ‘slow beauty’. All the ingredients are distilled in vegetable oils for over a month and exposed to the natural light from sun and moon, which add the best ingredient…their potent energy. With this slow process, we give nature time to release all the liposoluble properties of the herbs and flowers. We use this extraction as a base for all Inlight products. A real concentration of vital and active ingredients that brings real beauty to life!

Some of the ingredients used in Inlight Beauty products

LM: Where do your ingredients come from?
MS: We try and buy as locally as possible to respect the environment and support local businesses. Most of our ingredients come from a long-standing supplier in Somerset.

However, sourcing 100% organic ingredients can be at times challenging, so we have to look further afield to find the best crops and variety. For example, we buy our arnica flowers from Italy as it grows better in a specific altitude and of course in the sun.

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