Summer Relief with the MeacoFan 260c Mini Rechargeable Fan

MeacoFan 260c Mini Rechargeable Fan

With hot summer nights already with us, many of us are looking for ways to cool down and thankfully, those innovative designers at Meaco have provided the perfect solution with their eco-friendly, rechargeable, cordless MeacoFan 260c.

We love products that can improve lives, and if it carries a low price tag, all the better. Recently we published a piece on the Quench Sea portable desalination device which fits that description perfectly. Though not in the same league when it comes to groundbreaking innovation, the MeacoFan 260c is another product that should bring some extra joy the lives of a great many people.

Having lived in the tropics and experienced hot steamy nights for many years, I know how a miserable nights sleep can set the day off in the worst way possible. Air-conditioning was a no-no as it caused a sore throat, and the only alternative was a massive ceiling fan that caused my electricity provider to rub their hands together with glee.

If only there were a cost-effective product I could sit on the bedside table that I could trust? I am deliberate when I use the word trust as there are numerous cordless fans available on auction and shopping sites, but most of those come from non-descript manufacturers on the other side of the world. And you’ve probably read some of the horror stories. For peace of mind, I needed a trusted manufacturer to come up with something suitable, a company like Meaco.

Meaco is what we consider to be experts in ‘air products’; they are already well-known and respected for the humidifiers, coolers and air-conditioners, so a high-quality ultra-portable fan is an obvious addition to their extensive range.

Portability is vital in this day and age, and the MeacoFan 260c Air Circulator is a genuine ‘go-anywhere’ product. It only weighs about the same as half a bag of sugar and is specifically designed to be quiet, has low energy usage which opens up a whole raft of possibilities.

It’s odds-on there will be some hot, sticky night ahead, so we’re betting this fan will become the best buddy for those relaxing on the beach or in a park, let alone its undeniable ability to keep people cool at night.

MeacoFan 260c cordless rechargeable fan

With any product which can be used at night, how much noise it makes is key. The MeacoFan 260c is incredibly quiet. To reduce unwanted decibels, the designers used DC technology to ensure it’s more than quiet; this fan could probably be classed as super-quiet.

Meaco’s Managing Director, Chris Michael, said: “We’re renowned for the quiet fans we design. All the other fans in our range have already been awarded the Quiet Mark accreditation. I have been using mine on my office desk this summer and have found it to be the perfect fan for keeping cool while working, and my son has used it a lot while homeschooling this summer.

“For home working or schooling, the fan is just right, small enough, so it does not take up any space on a cramped desk, powerful enough to provide just the right amount of cool air and so quiet that it is never noticed on those Zoom calls!”

MeacoFan 260c night light

Another nice touch with the MeacoFan 260c is the nightlight. This is particularly useful for those with children as it’s capable of giving out a warm glow all night from a single charge while keeping them cool.

Charging the fan is simple thanks to it using Micro USB, much like the one used with a mobile phone. It has four fan speeds and on a full charge can keep going for up to 14 hours on its lowest setting. The fan head is adjustable too, which means you can aim airflow up or down. It has a single button to turn it on and off, which also controls the speed and an LED light to show what setting you’re on.

MeacoFan 260c variable head positions

Be honest, now you’ve read about it, you want one! We’re not sure about the availability of the MeacoFan 260c, so the best advice is to get your order in fast before all those people living in the cramped, fill the slots up!

Oh, and the price? It’s a relatively modest £29.99 and available from

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Summer Relief with the MeacoFan 260c Mini Rechargeable Fan 2


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