Melifera Gin, An Immortelle Flower Organic Spirit that’s also Rather Beautiful

Melifera Gin, An Immortelle Flower Organic Spirit that's also Rather Beautiful

A good word to describe the spirits market is crowded, so any spirit seeking to carve out a niche needs to have some unique properties, and that’s precisely what Melifera Gin has. This gin has a lot going in its favour; not only is it the first organic gin made with Immortelle Flowers, harvested from plants sown on the Île d’Oléron, but it also comes in probably the most beautiful glass spirit bottle we’ve seen in recent times.

Melifera Gin is the brainchild of Christophe Amigorena, a man who has made his name in the world of natural beauty as the Managing director at L’Occitane en Provence.

In 2019, Christophe (right)Christophe Amigorena holding a basket of immortelle flowers, with three partners, decided to create a French organic gin in Charente-Maritime, which would be the first gin distilled with immortelle flowers.

Many reading this might not be familiar with immortelle flowers or, as it is also known, Helichrysum (golden sun in Greek). It is a yellow-coloured plant found in the dunes along the Atlantic Coast that is harvested by hand and known for having many positive properties.

This wildflower has been known for its antioxidant properties since ancient times and is highly robust, surviving in environments where other plants cannot. The flower has a long and storied history and was used to symbolise the marriage between Eleanor of Aquitaine, a Queen whose tale is inextricably linked to Oléron, and Henry Plantagenet in 1152.

The flower boasts a quite unique fragrance, with spicy and floral notes, somewhat curry-like, which is enhanced by the aromas of pine trees, iodine and a hint of warm sand.

In days gone by, young Celtic virgins would weave the immortelle flowers into their garlands to ensure that their marriage would be blessed with fertility and spiritual wealth. It is also said that Eleanor of Aquitaine used the immortelle to decorate her crown.

A tied bouquet of the yellow flowers

The Phaeacians were the first to discover the flower’s medicinal properties and antioxidant virtues. Nausicaa, who was known for her beauty, is said to have used the flower to take care of her skin and in the Odyssey, she used it to mend Odysseus’ wounds.

Closer to modern times, Emporer Napoleon Bonaparte is also said to have been a fan of the flower and could smell its unique aroma from his boat as he approached a Corsican island.

Today, Immortelle/Helichrysum is used in creams, essential oils, lotions, infusions and inhalations and even in floral water. It is also the most powerful natural anti-hematoma known, antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Now that you know this, it should be clear why Christophe and his partners chose to utilise it in their Melifera Gin.

A bottle of the gin next to a cocktail shaker

About the Gin
Melifera is a premium gin made with immortelle flowers, sown in partnership with local organic gardeners. The distillation process takes place in Charente-Maritime at the SVE distillery, which is known for combining innovation with ancestral expertise. The gin is made with the utmost respect for tradition, using artisanal techniques driven by a culture of excellence.

As mentioned, one of the standout features of Melifera Gin is its beautiful bottle, which has a garland of coloured immortelle flowers embossed around it, alongside the word immortelle, embossed in capital letters at its base.

The Melifera bottle sets a new benchmark that other gin producers will struggle to match.

A photograph of the beautiful bottle on a white background

On the nose, one can expect a subtle marriage of angelica, juniper berries, immortelle and other native island plants. Although it is a complex gin, it remains refined and well-balanced, and its full complexity can best be experienced when served neat with ice.

The grains used in the making of the gin give it a roundness, and there is a noticeable slight sweetness on the palate.

A Commitment to Biodiversity
Melifera is convinced that it is possible to reconcile consumption with respect for the environment. From the harvesting of the immortelle flower to its artisan distillation, every step taken is done with huge respect for the ecosystem.

Melifera is committed to the sustainable growing of the immortelle flowers in northern Oléron, thus preserving its natural resources. Incorporating local market growers into the Melifera adventure has been a vital part of this desire to show the island respect.

In addition, the company is committed to protecting the European dark bee (Apismellifera Mellifera) by supporting the dark bee conservatory in northern Oléron.

A cocktail made with the gin

Melifera Gin – Where and how?

The gin is available as a standalone bottle or inside a gift box, which, like the exquisite bottle it comes in, is of exceptionally high quality and adds to the feeling of luxury. The gift set is priced at €50,00, while the bottle is priced at €45,00. In my opinion, it makes complete sense to opt for the gift set.

Melifera gin is available to purchase via The Whisky Exchange or the brand’s official website,

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A bottle next to some of the dried flowersMelifera Gin, An Immortelle Flower Organic Spirit that's also Rather Beautiful 2

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