The Merchants, Led by Chef Chen Tian Long, Opens at Forty-Five in LANDMARK

The Merchants, Led by Chef Chen Tian Long, Opens at Forty-Five in LANDMARK

The Merchants, named after the trading houses of old Canton that once bridged China with the rest of the world, is the first restaurant to open its doors at Forty-Five in LANDMARK, Central, with a total floor size of 4500 sq ft that seats up to 100 guests with four private dining rooms.

Created by Leading Nation Hospitality Group’s Gerald Li and Kevin Poon, The Merchants brings a refined and contemporary taste of Shanghai to Hong Kong’s trendiest new arts and lifestyle destination.

Helmed by award-winning Executive Chef Chen Tian Long, The Merchants serves classical dishes with a touch of modernity from Shanghai and her surrounding provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

The interior of the restaurant

The restaurant is located high above the city atop Gloucester Tower, with sweeping views of the iconic Hong Kong skyline. It offers an exquisite dining experience with interiors reminiscent of belle époque Shanghai.

Another view of the interior of the restaurant, showing the historical decor

“The Merchants” were the leading figures in the companies who were given licenses to deal with foreign trade in the Guangzhou area during the Qing era, when the Canton System was under operation.

During this period, foreign trade was only allowed in the Thirteen Factories (also referred to as 十三行), the merchants’ designated trading posts and warehouses. Under this monopoly, the Merchants became the most powerful, influential, and wealthiest businesses in the world.

A group shot of some of the Shanghainese dishes

Traditional Shanghainese Dining with Modern Flair
Savour the intricacies of authentic Shanghainese cuisine at The Merchants. The menu, with over 100 varieties of dishes and dim sum, highlights seasonal ingredients with flavours developed under the influences of Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces – two of the eight great cuisines of China.

Signature dishes by Chef Chen include Jasmine Tea-Smoked Duck (HK$328 for half portion, HK$628 for full portion), a dish that follows a meticulous multi-step process of first marinating the duck in salt and green onions overnight, then smoking with a combination of jasmine tea leaves and camphor leaves.

The Jasmine Tea smoked duck dish

The duck is then steamed and fried to achieve the perfect combination of crispy, golden-brown skin and juicy meat.

Osmanthus Honey Glazed Jinhua Ham with Crispy Bean Curd Sheet (HK$78 per piece) is Chef Chen’s delectable take on the famous cured ham delicacy from the Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions, featuring 36-months-aged Jinhua ham terrine marinated in honeyed Osmanthus sauce that is folded into house-made steamed mantou along with a sheet of crispy bean curd.

The result is a sticky-fingered delight that resonates in both flavours and fun, contrasting textures.

Another must-try signature dish at The Merchants is the Stir-fried Shredded Mandarin Fish (HK$788), which showcases an age-old Huaiyang recipe that requires masterful technique to execute properly.

Mandarin fish is first peeled and then shredded with precise knifework into fine threads, rinsed until milky-white, and then stir-fried in warm oil. The dish is deemed successful if the flesh of the fish is clearly visible on each strip after frying; otherwise, a fragmented shape will result.

The Merchants serves an a la carte menu for lunch + dinner (including dim sum) + set menu for lunch only.

About Executive Chef Chen Tian Long
Chef Chen Tian LongExecutive Chef Chen Tian Long’s goal is to bring Shanghainese cuisine to the forefront of Hong Kong’s culinary scene. He focuses his craft on various techniques that enhance the colours, aromas, textures, and flavours throughout his dishes.

His culinary journey started at the age of fifteen, working as a kitchen apprentice in neighbouring Shenzhen before being recruited in 2010 to join the renowned Shanghai restaurant Liu Yuan Pavilion in Hong Kong by his mentor Chef Yuen Kwok Hing.

Since then, Chef Chen has honed his preparation methods and cooking techniques by working at the most respected Shanghainese institution in Hong Kong, the Shanghai Fraternity Association.

Highly regarded amongst his peers, Chef Chen was then offered the position of Head Chef at Jade de Jardine. During his 7-year tenure, the restaurant was awarded and maintained one MICHELIN star, the only one for Shanghainese cuisine in Hong Kong, demonstrating his consistency in execution and quality.

Most recently, Chef Chen debuted at and won two ‘Gold Awards’ in the Asian Culinary Exchange cooking competition organised by the Asia Art of Cuisine Society. His award-winning dish, Braised Mandarin Fish & Cuttlefish Roll with Savoury Crispy Beans in Crab Consommé, garnered the top prize of Gold in both the individual and team categories.

A Tiger in the mountains on hand-embroidered wallpaper

Inside The Merchants: A Collaborative Design by Sean Dix & Victoria Tang-Owen
A collaborative design between Sean Dix and Victoria Tang-Owen pays homage to Shanghai’s belle époque glamour. The elegant space features custom cherrywood banquettes and vibrant jade onyx that come alive with flecks of mahogany, butterscotch, and creamy whites. Aligning the walls is a delicately embroidered wallpaper that artisans in WuXi handcrafted.

The Merchants is open for lunch and dinner every day. You can find more information on the restaurant’s website,

Address: 43/F, Gloucester Tower Landmark, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2155 4141

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A close up view of the Tiger on the wallpaperThe Merchants, Led by Chef Chen Tian Long, Opens at Forty-Five in LANDMARK 2

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