Microplane’s New Black Sheep Collection, Dramatic, Rebellious and Effective

Microplane's New Black Sheep Collection, Dramatic, Rebellious and Effective

For most, the thought of any Black Sheep in the home will cause questions to be raised. However, Microplane is seeking to change this with its newly-launched Black Sheep collection, which introduces a slightly rebellious nature to the kitchen while ensuring extra pleasure for taste buds.

Microplane, the company known for its exceptionally sharp and effective culinary tools, has embraced the dark side with the launch of its Black Sheep Collection. The company, which is all about expert design and expression in the kitchen, is departing from its well-known and much-loved bright colours and patterns with its latest collection, which reaffirms that black is back.

Inspired by Microplane’s heritage and expertise in ultra-sharp woodworking tools, the newly-launched Black Sheep series boasts a dramatic and extravagant look with the soft curves of the robust matt black stainless-steel handle, frame and blade, coated in functional PVD for extra-scratch resistance.

Two of the products from the company's brand new range

All of the company’s products are made in the USA, and its blades, until someone can prove otherwise, are regarded as the sharpest in its sector, thanks to its photoetched technology that creates blades and teeth that behave like sharp knives. The Microplane technology allows its products to cut effortlessly without ripping or tearing and releasing the natural aroma of ingredients.

The graters are equipped with non-slip rubber bases for stability and remain stable on the work surface regardless of the angle of use. A hole at the end of the comfortable ‘velvet-feel’ handle allows cooks to display the range on a kitchen wall or rack for easy access or, as the graters have a modern low design and protective cover, they can be stored safely in a drawer.

In addition, Microplane has made their products dishwasher safe, and they can also be rinsed clean under a runner tap to save on time and energy costs.

Let’s take a closer look at the five new blades in the Black Sheep collection:

A jet black Zester grating Parmasan cheese for crackers

The original, iconic, long, narrow Zester is the go-to choice for all citrus fruits (avoiding the bitter white pith), Parmesan, and other hard cheese, chocolate, ginger, garlic and nutmeg. With no pressure, the food slides quickly and easily from the blade without tearing, shredding or blocking to produce perfect results every time.

The Fine Grater being used to prep a salad

The Fine Grater is perfect for grating aromatics and spices – shallots, onions, garlic and ginger – into a fine paste for gourmet cooking results. The grater also transforms Parmesan and other hard cheeses into a fluffy cloud for garnishing pasta and other savoury dishes.

The coarse grater, grating nuts

The Coarse Grater creates a larger grating texture, effortlessly ploughing through all types of hard cheese, carrots, coconut and ginger for sweet and savoury dishes. Highly versatile for everyday cooking and entertaining, the Coarse Grater is ideal for preparing ingredients for a wide variety of hot and cold dishes, from quiche, frittata, pasta sauces and hearty casseroles to soups.

The extra coarse grater grating cheese for an omelette

The Extra Coarse Grater is a champion at making beautiful coleslaw and grating root vegetables like potatoes, onions and carrots for stir-fries, fritters, gratins and fresh salads. The Extra Coarse is also the blade of choice for grating cold butter for pastry or fresh coconut to garnish cupcakes and desserts.

The Ribbon Blade grating chocolate to go on top of a cake

The Ribbon Blade is designed to grate in both directions allowing a natural back-and-forth movement to create medium-thin slices of vegetables such as courgette, carrot, radish, cabbage, onion and potato, as well as hard cheese and fruit, and chocolate for decorative flourishes.

Microplane® is the original and pioneering manufacturer of photo-etching cutting tools, and almost thirty years on from its founding, it is still bringing its expertise in food science into kitchens and is clearly acknowledged as the leading grater company worldwide.

For more information on Microplane’s Black Sheep Collection, its other products and details on how to make a purchase, visit the company’s website at www.microplane.com.

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Microplane's New Black Sheep Collection, Dramatic, Rebellious and Effective 2

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