Mindful Chef Could Be The Perfect Treat For Valentine’s Day

Mindful Chef Could Be The Perfect Treat For Valentine's Day

‘Eating in is the new eating out’ – We take a look at Mindful Chef, an alternative way to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Paul Godbold
Paul Godbold

Rumour has it (or so the Waitrose Food & Drink report 2016 says) 4 in 10 of us see going out for a meal as less of a treat than we used to. It seems the lines between eating out and eating in are blurring. We’re learning to make a night ‘in’ an occasion, so this year instead of joining every other couple on Valentine’s Day by going out to a restaurant for a generic Valentines set menu, why not celebrate by staying in?

Mindful Chef, the healthy recipe box delivery service might just be the ideal way to enjoy a night in with your loved one. They’re offering eight weekly changing recipes, all of which are scrutinised by personal trainer and nutritional coach Myles (co-founder of Mindful Chef).

Mindful Chef Co-founder Myles and Giles
Mindful Chef Co-founder Myles and Giles

In 2015, Myles and Giles, two young men from Devonshire launched Mindful Chef, a recipe box delivery company with a difference. The inspiration for the company came from their busy schedules with both finding it hard to eat healthily because of their hectic lifestyles.

Although recipe box delivery companies existed at the time of their need, none were truly healthy. The pair believes that the key to a healthier life is reducing your intake of gluten and that refined sugars and refined carbohydrates should be avoided.

What makes Mindful Chef different is their ability to create well-balanced, imaginative recipes whilst still being 100% gluten-free. Their healthy recipe boxes include no refined carbs and therefore avoid high-carb fillers such as pasta or bread. Instead, they guarantee genuinely exceptional quality, gluten-free, dairy-free and locally sourced fresh, organic produce. Working with local, sustainable farmers in the West Country, the award-winning organic meat and fish included in the recipes are also stocked in Fortnum & Mason and Harrods.

Mindful Chef Could Be The Perfect Treat For Valentine's Day

Myles works closely with some of the very best nutritionists and chefs in the UK, who take their inspiration from around the world to create imaginative, varied and delicious recipes. The instructions are easy to follow and the meals are easy to make; helping make chefs out of even the most inexperienced of cooks. Mindful Chef also caters for those who eat a meat-free diet, with four plant-based recipes available each week.

Recipe boxes and ingredients are delivered straight to your door (free of charge in the UK) meaning on this romantic evening, you can be in charge of ambience as well as the food and you don’t even have to drive to the supermarket in preparation!

Example recipes:

Meat and Fish Recipes:

  • Beef & mustard burger with balsamic onions & carrot fries
  • Red Thai chicken curry with courgetti & cashew nuts
  • Peanut satay pork with wild rice, leek & red pepper
  • Pan-fried plaice with asparagus , dill quinoa & crispy capers

Plant- based Recipes:

  • Vietnamese pho with courgetti noodles, tofu & cashews
  • Mexican veggie chilli with sweet potato nachos & guacamole
  • Roasted cauliflower & chickpea tikka masala with black rice
  • Veggie lasagna with aubergine, cannellini bean ragu & pesto

Mindful Chef – Where and how

For more information on Mindful Chef visit www.mindfulchef.com or visit their Facebook page here

Paul Godbold

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